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Doing squats helps alot.

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Q: Is there anything a doctor can do besides surgery to help you get a bigger butt when you already do exercises like squats?
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Abdominal exercises after abdominal surgery?

Here are some abdominal exercises that can be done after abdominal surgery. Crunches, oblique twists, reverse crunches and pushup/twists are good exercises to do after abdominal surgery.

What kind of exercises make breasts smaller?

You can't make your breasts smaller with anything but a deduction surgery. Sorry.

What are some post surgery knee exercises?

Some post surgery knee exercises include: ankle pumps, straight leg raises, knee straightening exercises, sitting supported knee bends, and sitting unsupported knee bends.

If you broke your nose 4 years ago and still have a bump from it is there anything that can make it go away besides surgery?

no unfortunatley i think surgery would be the only answer, go and see your doctor and se what he recommends.

What type of exercises should be performed before and after the surgery?

You didn't mention what surgery it is, which makes your question difficult to answer.

What is the purpose of teaching leg exercises to a patient prior to surgery?

Leg exercises improve circulation and prevent blood clots

What can you do besides surgery if you are 13 and have 38D breasts and they are saggy?

There really is nothing that can be done except for surgery.

Besides surgery can you actually increase the size of a penis?


Does plastic surgery damage your skin?

Well, It depends. If you are a freak over getting plastic surgery your skin will not look damaged but will be damaged; and your face no offence or anything but will look totally fake! Besides, I really do not get why people get plastic surgery people look beautiful one way or the other!

How do you spell surgery?

You already have it right.

Height increasing exercises?

There are no exercises to increase a persons height. The only option would be surgery - which would normally only be done in exceptional circumstances.

How do you make your butt bigger without having surgery?

Healtier Foods and Certain exercises.

What can you do besides get surgery to be a female?

There is no way to spontaneously change your biological sex.

Can you have a surgery in which they remove your ureter?

yer i think you can have surgery for anything if itsbad enough

Can cows have plastic surgery?

anything can have a plastic surgery only if it acutally needs to

Can you increase your penis size at age 50?

There are no proven methods besides surgery.

How do you get rid of lip piercing scars besides surgery?

you can use coco butter

What foods can you eat to make your vagina tighter?

There is NOTHING you can eat that in any way changes the Vagina. Surgery or Kegle exercises might do some good but don't let anyone trick you into thinking that eating anything will work.

Can you be terminated for having surgery?

No if you have already inform about your surgery then it cant but if not then in some cases, secondaly if the surgery had to be done in emergency then also you cant be fired.

Is surgery the only option for fast fat reduction?

No. Surgery is not the only option if you are willing to work out diligently. A list of good exercises can be found at:

During the laporoscopy surgery if the doctor finds anything that needs to be removed will he do it then?

It depends on the purpose of the surgery and permission given prior to the surgery.

Is there anything you can do other then surgery to help a dog with a heart murmur?

Not if the Vet feels that surgery is required.

Can you have dementia after surgery?

I do believe surgery hastens dementia, especially in elderly who are already fragile and it may be that these patients have dementia prior to surgery and anaesthesia exacerbated the condition.

When do you start feeling relief after carpal tunnel surgery?

It will take time for the surgery itself to heal and for you to finish rehab exercises. It does vary but it should feel better in 2-3 weeks.

What does a facelift without surgery consist of?

A facelift without surgery can be as simple as facial exercises. There are also gels and dermal fillers. Only a consultation with a reputable cosmetician can determine which option is best for you.