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Is there anything you can do to stop your nine year old from talking in his sleep?


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2015-02-14 06:55:35
2015-02-14 06:55:35

A: Maybe your nine year old has some secret that she has been keeping from you or she is troubled by something or someone.


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There is no cure for talking in your sleep. You can see a sleep specialist however, if your having intense fears during your talking.

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ask them to stop it, if it doesn't work then stop talking to them and they wont have anything to gossip about

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Keep your brain occupied on other things right before you fall asleep. Also, the chances of you revealing anything too serious in your sleep is slim. dont think about it, and you won't dream it. Sweet dreams :)

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Snoring! Or stop talking leave an awkard silence and the other person says nothing.

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Sleep does not stop growth.

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