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Is there anyway or anything you can do to find out if he still wants the other women he cheated on you for mths with?


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2007-11-25 17:17:36
2007-11-25 17:17:36

Dummie U just have a Dog on your hands. Speaking as a man U need to move on. He dont want them or U for a long term main woman. He just hittin whatever let him.

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I think your question lacks information. For example, does your boyfriend and his ex have kids or any other reason for talking? Also, are you saying he has cheated on you with her?

Unfortunately, doesn't change the fact he still cheated and you deserve better.

no they are still dating each other :)

Yes, if both parties have admitted their faults to each other, there can be a relationship still for the two, but it still won't be easy, as there is a trust issue.

O.K. Well, how can you love him deeply if you didn't love him enough to care about his own feelings and stay true to him? Guys have feelings too, you know. Anyway, think if there was any reason you cheated on him in the first place. If you can think of no reason, then text him that you are sorry and you were perhaps 'lost within a mix of emotions' and you are sorry you cheated on him. He may not want to date you, but apologizing will make you feel better. Anyway, there are other guys out there, and you may find that guy who will satisfy all of your needs.

No, I've heard that she cheated on him with a bar manager called Ryan Der! But if it isn't true, they aren't dating anyway

Make him jealous by going out with someone else, love him anyway or slap and find someone else that you can grow to have feelings for.

No. If he thought you cheated on him then he's a suspicious type (one's to avoid!), and even if you got back together - it'll happen again. Guaranteed. Anyway you can do better!


DRINKING coffe or anything with caphine stunts growth,

You should have known that he didn't love you when you found out that he cheated on you.

You first must find out if the trust between the two of you is workable, and base your decision on that.

No, until you have married you are both still looking, however having cheated, is she really the one you want.

why men cheat,go back to wives,and still continue to flirt and stare at the one they cheated with

Yes. She is still your bff because going out with other people does not change anything.

If you want to come together after you've both cheated you are very brave. Whenyou have cheated with somebody else you should tell them who you done it with,why you did it and how you felt. Also you should express feeling to each-other and move on in life. If you still have feeling's for each-other dont go back together because it might happen again but you can still be friends. The best thing to do is just live of it and see what happenes.Good Luck

She is still upset that he cheated on her, but she confessed to OK magazine that she still had feelings for him.

well if u like the guy that u cheated on and he doesnt know it in order to stay with him u shouldnt tell him if u like the guy who u cheated with then dump the guy u cheated on and go out with the other guy u like if u dont know if the guy u cheated with likes u then find out and if u like him more then the guy ur with dump him and go with the guy who ur in love with

Since the two mates have simultaneously cheated and lost respect and trust for each other, but still love each other then they should sit down and communicate as to why they each cheated. Something was missing in their relationship and they had not learned the rules of good communication and loving each other means you should be able to talk to each other about anything. Also, humans make mistakes and if they can learn from their mistakes then they are that much wiser and more apt to mend their relationship. Trust and respect take sometime to earn back, but if the couple love each other they will work together on their relationship.

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