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Is there anyway to spy on a husbands cell phone text messages?

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That's illegal ! You have NO legal right to view his messages (just as he has no legal right to view yours) - even if you ARE married. There is a wider issue here - that of mistrust. If you can't trust your partner - seek counselling from a professional !

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Answered 2020-12-17 19:16:42

This information will be very helpful, all you need to do is send him a mail or text him.

Make sure you let him know I referred you.. and thank me later

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How can you receive your husbands text messages to your computer?

Ask your cell phone provider.

How do you block messages on cell phone?

You have to go to your cell phone company.

Is there a way to read text messages from a phone bill?

Cell phone carriers do not show text messages on their phone bill. Most cell phone carriers will only show the phone numbers of the sent and received messages.

What is faster at sending messages a typewriter or a cell phone?

Cell phone. A type writer is for writing letters, not sending messages.

How do you check cell phone messages online?

depends. what phone?

How do you get messages from my cell phone?

im a stalker.....

What is the purpose for the cell phone?

The purpose of a cell phone is to place and receive telephone calls (and possibly also text messages and other messages) with the freedom to move about.

How do you listen to cell phone messages from a house phone?

Call your cell phone from the phone on which you want to listen to messages. Once you hear your voice mail greeting, press either pound or star (depends on your carrier). You will be prompted for your password. At this point, you're in the voicemail system as if you called from your cell, and can listen to messages.

Can you get rid of the messages on your cell phone and computer?


Why can't I send text messages from my Verizon cell phone to a sprint cell phone?

It could be the Sprint customer has shut off the ability to receive text messages.

If you have 44 text messages in your inbox. How many messages can your cell phone hold.?


Can a text message be sent from a cell phone to a computer?

Probably no, because there are services in messangers which allow U to send SMS messages but I don't think that U can send text messages from a cell phone to a computer.)Actually, Yes you can. I sent messages to Facebook all the time. so ignore the last answer. You can send messages to computers using a cell phone.

If block a number on my cell phone why can they still leave me voice messages?

Some cell phone companies may not allow voices messages to be left when a number has been blocked, while other cell phone companies will allow a voice message.

How do you delete phone messages from cell phone?

You simply go to the message and then click delete.

How do you scroll text messages on your cell phone?

BY the down arrow

Method of communication not acceptable to report messages?

cell phone

Can you track cell phone messages?

you will thank me later

What do text messages on a cell phone mean?

a text message on a cell phone means someone texting another person

How do you get moisture out of a cell phone screen?

you cant, why would you get your phone wet anyway

How do you look a text messages from my husband cell phone?

u send a message and thenm ur husbands phone should say new message and u flip it open and press view now on the screen. and read the message and ppress reply. Or install a mobile spy software in his cell phone, you can get his sms and call logs.

How do you transfer text messages from cell to PC?

samsung tocco phone transfer text messages to pc

How do can you see your families text messages without looking at their phone?

You can go to the company's store and ask them what messages have been sent to that cell phone number.

Can you look at picture messages sent from a Verizon cell phone?


Are you charged for listening to messages on cell phone?

how to answer a voice message on cellphone

Does cell phone still take messages after the battery runs out?