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Is there automatic gear car available in India?


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Nope, Not now it's going to come in 2025 flying cars will launch on India.


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A car with an automatic transmission. Or an automatic. (same thing)

A fully automatic car doesn't need any action at all to change gear, a semi automatic car can have no clutch pedal, just a gear stick which you pull backwards to gear up or pedals behind the steering wheel.

That would be the second gear of your automatic transmission.

It could be any of the available gears, depending on the steepness of the hill and the speed of the vehicle

When an automatic car jerks into fourth gear it could be the transmission. You may need transmission fluid or a new transmission. A licensed mechanic can check the car.

There are some automatic gear buttons. You can change them by pushing or pulling the handle of the gear forward or backward next to the correct button.

Yes, but you have to have the gear in neutral (for an automatic)

Automatic Transmission. You can also get semi-automatics where the driver decides what gear to put the car in, but the gear changes are done by an automatic mechanism.

Automatic cars offer drivers much greater convenience as they no longer have to manually clutch in to shift gears. Most automatic cars available come with 4 gears, plus an additional reverse gear.

If the automatic transmission car jerks when accelerating and the dash does not indicate a gear, there is a problem with the transmission. Check the shift solenoid.

it means that the gear is not able to push up the car due to low preasure in the gear

What is your question? This question makes no sense.

It's an automatic. Leave it in "Drive" and the car will pick a suitable gear all by itself.

Manual control means that it is controlled by humans, and automatic is it will work on its own. An example is a car's transmission. With manual transmission, you have to tell the car what gear to use. With automatic transmission, the car figures out what gear to use on its own by monitering factors such as RPM.

it jerks because if it is automatic it is goin down a gear

Park for automatic transmissions, and Neutral for stick shifts.

automatic: the band or bands controlling the activation of gear are worn OR the friction plates are worn manual: the gear teeth are worn or out of allignment

Low stands for Low Gear or 1st gear in the transmission.(I), is one I have never seen. If you mean 1 then that is 1st gear.

It is the eject passenger button, do not push it unless you really dislike the passenger in the car with you

It matters if you have atuomatic or manual transmission. In an automatic car the gears shift on it's own. In an manual car you shift buy pushing the clutch and then shift from 1st gear to 2 gear.

The parking brake is on or the transmission (automatic) or the clutch (standard) has problems.

If the ATF dipstick reads full, the transmission is likely burned out.

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