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No there will not be new seasons of Afro Samurai.The show was only 5 episodes and the last one ended the series for good.

The Afro Samurai Resurection movie was said to be a season two but it was only a movie.Even if there was another season,what would it be about?Afro avenged his fathers death,lived in peace,fought to re-claim the number one headband and now theree is a kid that is an orphan.

Afro killed his father so my guess is that the boy will face and probably kll the Afro Samurai.That's all to add on to it so there won't be Afro Samurai episodes anymore but mabye a spin-off to the movie.

by Jarryal Montique

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13y ago
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Sav Supreme

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4mo ago
They need to change the story arc from the original then. Create a new villian for him. The writers need to get more creative..
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4mo ago
They need to reboot it and start the story from scratch or just let the new tales be about challenges he had before his destiny unfolded.
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there might be, they're trying to bring it to Australia so maybe after that there could be

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Q: Is there going to be a third afro samurai?
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