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Is there help for teens who are pregnant and get thrown out of the house by their parents?


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most places have a womens crisis center that can give you temp helo and help you get on your feet and get started and explain options look in the phone book for womens crisis center


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no the pregnant teens parents can not decide if the teen keeps the baby or not.

They get jobs, their parents do or they get help from the government.

You don't get emancipated just because you are pregnant. You are the guardian of your child but your parents are the guardians of you.

get educated, convince teens who are pregnant to stay in school, tell parents to educate there kids, not get pregnant, tell teens about the consequences, know what the consequences, educate teens.

no. but many teens do get pregnant, sadly

The reason parents dont encourage teens to cook is becaue if they're mad at their parents, the could purposely burn the house down, because their hormones are changing, and teens make bad decision sometimes (no offense to teens).

Education. Parents sharing their moral view of premarital sex. An ability to openly discuss views and feeling from both teens and parents. Access to birth control when needed.

About 60% of teens are parents in the u.s

If you for some reason can not stay with your parents and is a minor you have to contact a social worker.

Heaven's Pregnant Teens was created on 2006-01-24.

No, being pregnant does not create an emancipation situation. It just shows that the minor cannot take care of themselves.

Not regarding the fetus, that is up to you to decide. Before and after birth. They can however decide what will happen to you and send you to a home for pregnant teens if they choose to.

PPL is open for everyone who is pregnant but there are no clinics only for pregnant teens. I doubt there would be enough patients for that.

Teens cannot get pregnant in the sims 3, because EA does not want to be seen to be encouraging youngsters to get pregnant. 'Teenagers' refers to minors, as well as older teens, so it is best that they do not have the ability to get pregnant.

Absolutely! Teen pregnancy can be very dangerous, since teens are still children themselves!

The first time to many teens have the sex talk with their parents, is when telling them that they are pregnant. Parents, if the teens have a sex queston with their parents, don't assume they are doing it. And teens, if your parents aren't talking to you about sex, don't assume they don't care. Teenage pregnancy is 100% preventable. Start talking. For more information, please visit, or

17% of all abortions are by teens.

No, teens cannot get pregnant in The Sims 3.

Yes, continuation schools frequently have either a) programs for pregnant teens to help them out or b) day care and such on the campus. Where I work, we have a full day care center, free of charge, to the parents while they are attending classes. We have about 30 parents with children and 200 students (male and female, who were behind on credits) total.

hello no matter what you should still go to school while pregnant. But when you get to feel bad and your body had become big ask a teacher to come over your house to teach you lessons. Or you could go to a school for pregnant teens and get individual attention from your teachers.

Teens cannot get pregnant unless you make the adults shorter with a cheat to make them look like teens but even then they are still adults.

No, teens can not have children in the sims 3.

When you chose to have intercourse there is always a risk of getting pregnant even if you are on birth control. Many times teens feel like having intercourse makes them "grown up" but yet they are not able to independently take care of themselves let alone a baby. Should teens get a benefit if they are Do they get benefits...yes. Do they realize how much that Typically teens end up staying with their parents and the parents help raise the child and due to society not wanting the innocent baby to suffer the teens do get benefits.

I do not believe she is pregnant. She is only in her teens. I am NOT positive.

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