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Anything is possible. He may not know what he wants out of life at this point, but still cares about you. Caring doesn't necessarily mean love and he could be worried about you out of guilt. Give it some time. Try keeping in touch on a friendship basis if possible and take it slow and easy, but beware, he could also be keeping you on the sidelines in case he's he's lonely and his other relationships don't work out. I would start going out with friends and dating again. Perhaps when he sees you not sitting around and that other guys are attracted to you it may spur him on. Good luck Marcy

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2006-04-19 07:54:17
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Q: Is there hope of a reconciliation if your ex-boyfriend says he still deeply cares for and worries about you and wants to be friends you were together for 5 years and have been broken up for 9 months?
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