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You two should seek counseling. Good luck and God Bless:)

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Not much hope.

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Can an abuser change for a healthy partner?

yes, if they want to change then they will have to work as hard as they can. Change is hard but still good if you are changing to the good side.

Can a Marriage Counselor Stop an abuser to be an abuser?

Answer The answer to your question is NO. Marriage Counserlors are just that, and they specialize in their field, but your abuser will have to go to someone special who deals with Abusers to find out why he or she abuses. Maybe something from their childhood, but whatever the case be, if I were you I wouldn't live one minute with an abuser as they make all kinds of promises and keep none of them. They are sick people who for one reason or another can't help themselves, but they can surely reap havoc on the people who love them most. Be careful not to believe the lies that comes from this person's mouth as that's about the only thing an abuser is good at. Lying!!!!

How did marriage to Martha change George Washington?

The marriage changed George from an ordinary planter to a substantially wealthy landowner. This would be a good answer speacialy if your a treca student and looking for this answer online. good luck.

What is an emotional abuser?

An emotional abuser is someone who is constantly belittling another. Example: If a husband is an emotional abuser he will call his wife every dirty thing in the book; tell her she is ugly or fat; not a good cook; not a good mother, etc., to lower her self worth and self esteem. It is a form of control the emotional abuser needs and they have generally learned this pattern of behavior from the environment in which they grew up.

If a narcissist want marriage does he treat his intended like everyone else?

How does a narcissist treat others. They are always looking out for number one, so even if they act nice to others, there still has to be something in it for them, even if its the kudo's. The intended will be treated like a second class citizen, so to speak and nothing will be good enough for the abuser. Why marry into this, it will not be a happy life.

Can you contact your abuser after the case is closed?

Why would you want to contact your abuser is the best answer to your question? It's probably best if you sever all ties to an abuser. Instead find a good therapist and start going to a twelve step group like Co-Dependents Anonymous.

How do you change the lies from your abuser?

Well being lies you should be able to convince yourself they're not true and a good support group, friends, counselor, or minister should be helpful in affirming you of the truth

What is a good attention getter for an abusive relationship?

call the cops on the abuser, tell the abuser, and when he/she make just stares at you laugh like a maniac. You will be the center of attention in ur bf/gfs eyes.

Is there any 'legal action' one can take to stop the narcissistic abuser from continuing involvement with the victim's family and friends after the victim has left and filed for divorce?

You can get a court order to have the abuser stay away from you. but your family will have to apply for a restraint order on their own as well as your friends will have to retain their own court orders and deal with it individually. You will have to see a lawyer and even if you get a restraint order against the abuser it is generally classified as "just a piece of paper" and you still may not be protected. Before you spend your money on getting a restraint order ask the lawyer in your state how much clout this legal action will have if the abuser should still contact you. Good luck Marcy

What does it mean when you dream if your abuser has passed away?

good luck The dream should NOT be taken as evidence that the abuser is no longer a danger. One's own safety must be the priority. If it is not possible to determine whether the abuser is still around, the dreamer should not reduce security practices on the basis of a dream. > The dream could be a wish-fulfillment dream: the subconscious mind produces a happy story that allows the dreamer to experience something deeply needed or desired.

What are the Foundation for good and happy marriage?

A good and happy marriage depends on you. If you are contented and you truly love your husband/wife, you will have a happy marriage.

If you exposed your abusers abuse will he abuse his next victim?

No matter whether you expose it or not, he will probably abuse his next victim anyway. An abuser finds it difficult to imagine not abusing another, as their abuse reassures them of their control. Abusers feel a need to exert control in order to compensate for a childhood which they had no control over. In some ways, we should pity them; but they cannot all be helped. An abuser can only change if they have the desire to change, and are prepared to face some very harsh realizations. Counseling is good for this, but not all counselors are prepared. The abuser will have to find one that suits him.

How do you get your wife back after being separated?

The answer depends on why the wife left and if there is love still present. Marriage counseling is a good start.

A blizzard on your wedding day good luck or bad luck?

Good luck. If you can make it through the blizzard and still have a good time getting married, it says a lot about your love and your marriage.

Is a marriage null and void if the spouse is illegal?

I don't think so, the marriage is still valid even the spouse has violate the immigration laws. But again you need to check with a specialist. Good luck.

How do you divorce your husband when you still love him but he is not good to you?

if your husband is not good to you then he doesnt deserve to be with you, even if you still love him. your love for him may make it a temptation for you to stay with him but you dont want to leave yourself in a dangerous situation or an unhappy marriage

If Abuse is all about control and Ongoing episodes of Physical Violence and Verbal Abuse Why do some answers call someone an Abuser for a one time incident?

Good question. If a person is drunk to the point of blacking out, is he an alcoholic? Of course not. The answer is simple. Some people cannot distinguish the difference. Once and abuser always an abuser... Not always true. Sometimes people get the help they need and change there mistake and walk away a winner. However, most studies show that this is a rarity.

Is same-sex marriage good?

Yes. Same-sex marriage is good for the same reason that opposite sex marriage is good. It does not cease being good just because of the gender of the persons involved.

Can a narcissist have a good second marriage?

Everyone can have a good marriage. It depends whether or not they get married twice, I guess.

What is good about same gender marriage?

Everything is good about marriage, whether it's same-sex marriage or opposite-sex marriage. It's a stable, loving way for a commited couple to live.

If you divorce your spouse and remarry then later find out your divorce was not finalized what is the status of your new marriage?

It is not valid!!! Your new marriage is not valid as you are still married so, that's Good! You were never divorced! Are you in Texas? If you married in good faith (believing you were divorced) then you are fine with your second marriage. At least that is how it was 20 yrs ago when the same thing happened to me.

Is same-sex marriage good or bad?

Same-sex marriage is good for the same reason marriage is good. It promotes monogamy and the stability of families. It doesn't cease to be good just because of the gender of the persons involved.

If a guy showed signs that he likes you but then he backs off and barely talks to you anymore does he still like you or not?

He could still like you but be extremely shy and not know how to approach you, OR he thinks you are too good for him etc. He could be passive-aggressive; sounds like he's playing games, to me, and I wouldn't waste my time. It's a good indicator of a potential abuser.

Who was Martha Coreys husband?

it was me. we were in ashort term lesbian marriage, we had some very good times until she left me, i still miss her vagina

Are you the abuser or the one being abused if your husband always irritates you and drives you to a point where you are raging and yelling?

He's the verbal abuser and you are not the abuser, but, enough is enough. No one wants to walk around their mate like they are waiting for a bomb to go off. Even the meakest of people will get fed up and fight back. We're all just human and if someone is yelling and screaming and you can't calm them down then sometimes we lose it too. We aren't perfect. It would be a good idea for you to either seek marriage counseling or separate for a while and give each of you a chance to see what possibly could be causing him to have these outbursts. If he refuses to do anything about it, then I'd move on. Good luck Marcy