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Yes, there are two on 4 cyl engines and 3 on the V6s. On the 4 cyl, the upstream sensor is located in the exhaust manifold, and the downstream one is at the outlet pipe of the catalytic converter. The V6 has two upstreams, in the front and rar manifolds and one in the converter outlet pipe.

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Q: Is there more then one 02 sensor in the Plymouth Breeze?
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Where is the oxygen sensor located on a 1997 Plymouth Breeze?

one before the cat and one after

How many sensors Plymouth breeze 97 have in the muffler?

None in the muffler, one oxygen sensor before and one after the catalytic converter.

Where is the oil pressure sender on a Plymouth Breeze?

Mine is on the back of the engine block.. right above the drive axle , there is one there called crankshaft sensor and then right above it is the oil pressure sensor mine has one wire coming out of it...

Is the Plymouth breeze for a man or woman?

Its for the person who has to funds to purchase one

Where is the starter solenoid on a 99 Plymouth breeze?

It's on the starter. It's all one piece.

How do you change the airbags of a 1997 Plymouth Breeze?

You don't. This is one job that should be left to a professional.

Where is the Crank sensor on 1991 Plymouth Voyager?

there isn't one

1998 Plymouth Breeze speedometer quit working and it will not shift gears?

It is one of three things.... 1. output speed sensor-$14.00 2. input speed sensor-$17.00 3.transmission control module- $175.00 I have one too, and it was doing the same thing. It took a while for me to figure it out.

How do you replace a clutch cable on a 1997 Plymouth Breeze?

Pull out the old one...remember how you did such. Put in the new one in reverse order.

How many fuel filters does a 1999 Plymouth breeze have?

Two, 1 one the bottom of the pump, and one outside and next to the tank

How many oxygen sensors in 98 Plymouth Breeze?

Two (2). One is before the catalytic converter and one is down stream (after it.)

How do you replace a washer pump in a Plymouth Breeze?

Remove the reservoir, remove the old pump and install the new one.

Where is the trans sensor located on a 96 Plymouth voyager 3.0?

right on the trans they are plug ins one is a speed sensor

How much do you repair a ball joint for a Plymouth breeze?

At a shop, about $600.00 the ball joint is one piece on the control arm

How do you tension the alternator belt on a Plymouth Breeze?

Loosen the tensioner bolt (small one on the altenator. You will see or feel the belt getting loose if it the right one)

Where is the oxygen sensor located on a 1988 Plymouth reliant?

There are two. They are in the exhaust system. One is before and one is after the catalytic converter.

How do you change the valve cover gasket on a 99 Plymouth Breeze?

undo bolts , take off old one put on new one replace bolts tourque to 106.

Where are the timing marks on a 1999 Plymouth breeze?

to put a 1999 Plymouth breeze in timing you gotta put the top pully with the arrows up the top pully indicator is on the plastic you could also feel a groove on it . .. . and the bottom pully has it on the timmin wheel not on the bigger outer one . . match all arrows >< up Miami,Fl

Where is oxygen sensor bank one sensor one on a Dodge Dakota?

Before cat on the left(driver) side if it has more than one upstream sensor.Before cat on the left(driver) side if it has more than one upstream sensor.

Is there an access panel to the fuel pump on a 1999 Plymouth Breeze or do you have to drop the tank?

Not likely, as very few cars have an access panel. Honda for one does. Look and see.

Where is the oxygen sensor located on a 1998 Plymouth Voyager?

There are two, one on each side of the catalytic converter in the exhaust pipe.

How do you replace the oil pan on a 2000 Plymouth breeze?

double check with a service manual, but you should be able to just drain it unbolt it replace the gasket and bolt on a new one

Why does it get colder as one climbs higher and higher in a mountain?

because you would get more of a breeze

Fans not working on 2000 Plymouth breeze?

could be one are two things... coolent temperature sensor which is found around your thermostat housing.... or fan relays found around battery in fuse box. could be two fuse boxes... a long fuse box and a smaller black box which on mine house the relays for fans.

Where is the speed sensor located on a 1995 Nissan Altima?

there is more then one speed sensor i know there is one in the transmission and one around the front axles and one more not to sure where it could be