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Is there more to the Middle East than just war?

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Of course. The Middle East is a place where over 200 million people live, work, pray, party, hang out, buy things, fall in love, get married, buy homes, etc.

However, those things do not make the news because they are not interesting. The wars make the news because they are unique.

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Why is Riyadh known as the Middle East?

Riyadh is not known as the Middle East. Riyadh is an important city in the Middle East and the capital of Saudi Arabia, but the Middle East has a lot more than just Riyadh.

Are there more Muslims in the Middle East?

This question as composed is incomplete. You have to say more than where? For example, there are fewer Muslims in the Middle East alone than the Indian Subcontinent (Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh). However, there are more Muslims in the Middle East than in Iceland.

Is islam in the middle east?

Yes. More than 90% of Middle Easterners are Muslims.

The middle east contains portions of what three countries?

The Middle East contains portions of three continents: Africa, Asia, and Europe. It contains more than fifteen entire countries (not just portions of them).

What did the Seljuk Turks do when they conquered the Middle East?

They adopted the Islamic religion and ruled the Middle East for more than 400 years.

Does the Middle East have a reason other than just war?

Yes. The Middle East exists as a place where people live and raise their families. It just happens that many Middle Easterners do not have warm feelings for their neighbors.

What percentage of the Middle East population is Muslim?

More than 90 percent of Middle East's population is Muslim.

Where was marijuana first used medicinally?

In the middle east more than 3000 years ago - AKA hemp or hash. Just not always correctly.

Is wealth concentrated or more evenly spread out in the middle east?

It is less concentrated than in the USA, but more concentrated than in Europe.

What land mass is bigger Far East or Middle East?

The Far East is far larger than the Middle East.

How much oil does Alaska have underground?

More than all the middle east combined!

What are cons for drilling for oil in Alaska?

More oil there than in all of the middle east.

What are the differences between US and Middle East?

The United States is where I live, and maybe you live. Middle East is where other people live, I do not live there. U.S. has Presidents, and is a democracy. And the Middle East is not a democracy, it's an autocracy, and also they are more religious than us and they pray more. Hope that helped.

Is north middle school better or east middle school?

north middle school is better than dumb east middle school

Is Palestine in Asia?

no it is not. Palestine is between middle east and north Africa so technically its in both but their not Asians or Africans their Arabs though some look as black as Africans and some look as white as Europeans mostly like Egypt mostly brown skinned the middle east is more separate than Asia or Africa its more of the middle east really so Palestine is in the middle east

How many sq miles are in the middle east?

Which countries are included in the "Middle East" is often open to interpretation. It is more a general than a specific region. It is just a general term used for that part of the world, and what "that part of the world" is depends on who you are talking to and the context. For that reason it is difficult to specifically answer your question.

What is the role of women in the Middle East?

Women are actually very important in the Middle East. They have the same jobs as the men, do the same things as the men, and go to the same places as men. The Middle-Eastern Christians are much more independent than the Middle-Eastern Muslims.

What parts of the middle east have locs in there culture?

No major group in the Middle East uses locs as a prevailing form of hair styling. The closest that you get is that the Hasidic Jews and Yemenite Jews in Israel have sidecurls called payyot. Locs are far more common in Africa than in the Middle East.

How many people play WoW today 2011?

More than 12 million 100k~in the middle east

Should you conduct more drilling for oil in the US rather than relying so heavily on the middle east?


Where did lamb chops originate?

Lamb chops originated in Britian.

The Middle East has more than two-thirds of the world's?

Oil reserves.

Is the spanish class at east middle hard?

No, the Spanish class at East Middle is not hard at all. You will pass the class in like less than a second because you will understand it more when you study so be sure to study!

Why middle east is richer than Asia?

it has oil

Is Indianapolis more east than Pensacola?

Pensacola is more east than Indianapolis.

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