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Vampires, as seen in movies and on TV, are entirely fictional. They belong in the same genre as superheroes such as Batman, the Hulk etc.

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Q: Is there real vampires in the world?
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Is there vampires in the world that are real?


Are there real vampires in this world?

NO hehheee

How many vampires are in the world?

Real vampires - zero (0) Imaginary vampires - all the rest. Vampires are not real, they do not exist, they are creatures of fiction and folklore.

Debate on Vampires Are Real Are Not?

yes vampires are real, bats are vampires. but human vampires are not real

What do vampires stay away from?

vampires stay away from garlic and ofcourse the real world!!

Are vampires real in Louisiana?

If vampires are real where I am, then vampires are real where you are. Yes, they are real, and where you are doesn't change that.

Are there any immortal animals in the world?

no, vampires are not real

Are their real vampires in the world?

no such thing only in stories

Where is the only vampire in the world?

Vampires aren't real

Can there be vampires in the world?

No. People can do acting in theatre, and movies, with the roll of a vampire, but there cant be real vampires

What are vampires relate of?

Vampires are imaginary creatures. There is no such thing in the real world. the closest thing in the real world are vampire bats leches and other bloos sucking paracites. vampires may be fun to read about but they are fiction.

Is it true that vampires are not real?

Yes. Vampires are not real.

Do werewolves and vampires exist in real world?

Most definitely.

How can vampires exist when every one in this world is mortal?

They are not real.

How did the world of vampires become real?

Vampires are not real; they are creatures of fiction. Much of the.modern myth of vampires is owed to Bram Stoker and his novel Dracula, and subsequent vampire movies and stories.

Are vampires real things or people?

Vampires are not real. There are people who think they are vampires, but they have a problem.

Are vampires from vampires diaries real?

yes they r real vampires from vd (vampire diaries) are truly real.

Is there a school for vampires?

Absolutely not. Vampires are not real. Twilight is not real.

Why are vampires real and werewolves are not?

Neither Vampires or Werewolves are real.

What are the exact locations where real vampires live in the world?

I am sorry if I offend you, but there are no proof that real vampires (like you would see in Twilight) actually exist.

Are lycans and vampires real?

No. Neither lycans nor vampires are real.

Is there any vampires left?

No vampires not real!

When do vampires stop age?

Vampires are not real

Are vampires real in New York City?

No, there have never been vampires, that have been proven to existed, in any place in the world.

Are vampires real in Pennsylvania?

Vampires are fictional everywhere. Fictional means not real.