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Q: Is there really a Carolyn Keene?
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Related questions

What was the cause of Carolyn Keene's death?

Carolyn Keene doesn't really exist. She was many people, after one "Carolyn" died, another took over.

Who are carolyn keene parents?

who was carolyn keene parents?

How old is carolyn keene?

nobody really knows!

Does carolyn keene have any pets?

did carolyn keene have pets

Do you have any picture of Carolyn Keene?

There is one picture of her! There is one of Carolyn Keene on google! Bye! There is one of Carolyn Keene on google! Bye!

Is carolyn keene an actuall person?

carolyn keene is an actuall person

What was Carolyn Keene's birthplace?

Carolyn Keene was born in Ladora , Iowa.

What kind of education did carolyn keene get?

Carolyn Keene was not a single person, but a pseudonym for a collection of people. This means that Carolyn Keene could not have had an education as she was not a real person.

Did Carolyn Keene Marry?

Actuallly Carolyn keene was a false name.There are many people using the same name.So whether Carolyn Keene is married or not it is not proven.

Is Chris Keene Carolyn Keene's brother?

Carolyn Keene was a pseudonym, not a real person, so she did not have any siblings.

What are some interesting facts about carolyn keene?

Carolyn keene is not her real name

Three facts about Carolyn Keene?

Mildred Wirt Benson is Carolyn Keene's real name.Carolyn Keene is a cover name

Was it Carolyn Keene that really wrote the nancy Drew Books?

Yes, she wrote the original ones. (Interesting fact: Carolyn Keene's real name is Mildred W. Benson.) (: Samtacular™

Carolyn keene's birthplace?

Carolyn Keene was boring in Ladora , IWOA

How old was Carolyn Keene when she died?

Carolyn Keene was 97 years old when she died.

Where did carolyn keene go to college?

Carolyn keene did not go to collage because she does not exist!!!

Who is Carolyn Keene's children?

Carolyn Keene is not a real person. Carolyn Keene is the pen name of several authors who have taken part in writing the Nancy Drew book series.

Who is Carolyn Keene's mother?

Carolyn Keene is the pen-name used by Mildred Wirt Benson so Ms Keene has no mother.

When was Carolyn Keene's birthday?

Carolyn Keene was a pseudonym of a few different authors. She was not one person.

Has carolyn keene written any book other than Nancy drew?

No "carolyn Keene" does not

Is the author Carolyn Keene dead?

Carolyn Keene never existed. The name Carolyn Keene was a pseudonym taken on by the more than 20 men and women who wrote the Nancy Drew mysteries.

Where was Carolyn Keene birthplace?

Carolyn Keene was born in a town called Ladora which is in lowa in the united states.

What is Carolyn Keene's birthday and place?

Carolyn Keene was born on July 10th 1905 in Ladora, Iowa.

What books has Carolyn Keene written?

Carolyn Keene (who is not an actual person) is most famous for writing the 'Nancy Drew' mystery novels.Carolyn Keene has written many Nancy Drew books.

Did carloyn keene have a education?

Did carolyn keene have a interests