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Is there really such a thing as fecal fetishism?

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Although rare in the general population, coprophilia -- an abnormal, often obsessive interest in excrement, especially the use of feces for sexual excitement (according to the American Heritage Dictionary) -- is not uncommon in the S&M clubs. A fetish is any act or object that causes some degree of arousal or sexual stimulation. It can be clothes, shoes, someones hair, feet, the smell of feet, ears, panties, leather, silk sheets, etc. Someone with coprophilia may like to see or smell excrement or may be aroused by soiling his or her pants or a diaper. People who are into S&M (sadomasochism) associate pain with sexual arousal and enjoyment. They are not necessarily coprophiliacs.

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What is transvestic fetishism?

transvestic fetishism, or cross-dressing

Is it ok to smear fecal matter on your face like war paint?

No, I really don't want fecal matter on my face, but thanks for asking

Is fetishism is a type of ancestor veneration?


What is navel fetishism?

navel fetishism is someone who is "turned on" by bellybuttons. its kinda like a foot fetish or anyother kind except for bellybuttons

Can you get HIV from fecal matter?

From fecal matter alone no. If the fecal matter has blood in it then yes.

What fecal in Tagalog?

fecal in Tagalog: dumi

What is fecal in Tagalog?

fecal in Tagalog: dumi

Do hedgehogs smell?

Well, when they excrete their fecal matter, they can get smelly but otherwise they don't really smelly.

What is the medical term meaning sexual attraction to objects?


What are some examples of commodity fetishism?

Commodity fetishism is a form of intellectual property. It may include: Philosophic base, Knowledge, Financial Risk management, Commodified art and Legal traducement.

Is fecal stasis and fecal impaction same?

Not exactly. Fecal stasis just means that there hasn't been any bowel movements. While fecal impaction means some of the stool has become hardened and prevents the passage of more stool. Fecal impaction is one cause of fecal stasis.

Does noah worton really eat dog?

no.. sadly but he does in fact eat their fecal matter ~dchughes :P

What causes fecal blood in humans?

severe constipation i.e.,very hard faeces. worms Bowel cancer may also cause fecal blood Irritable bowel syndrome....whatever that is...,not sure really

What did Karl Marx contribute in anthropology?

Historical materialism and the fetishism of the commodity :)

The liking of obese women is called?

This would be called Fat Fetishism

What is fecal disimpaction?

Fecal disimpaction is the removal of impacted feces in the rectum.

Is fecal matter present in bologna?

There should be no fecal matter present in bologna.

What is fecal odor breath?

Fecal odor breath is poop/dung breath

Is fecal material a biomass or fossil fuel?

Fecal material is a biomass and is renewable.

What is the purpose of the anus?

You use it to dispose of fecal matter from your body (fecal matter=Poop

Is fecal matter inorganic?

No, fecal matter has plenty of organic content; it is rife with bacteria.

When was Fecal Matter - band - created?

Fecal Matter - band - was created in 1985.

Does fecal matter float?

If your diet includes enough useful fibre, then your fecal matter will float.

Does the fecal matter of every human being regardless of race or gender smell really bad all the same?

While there are most likely variations in fecal scent between races and genders, as well as different persons living in the same household, the odor is pretty much universally offensive. Regardless of which human or other mammal, you can still tell by smell that it is fecal matter.

What is fecal snow?

Fecal snow is a sort of urban legend. It is believed that some of the fecal matter from sewage plants evaporates into the air, condenses, and falls back to the earth as snow.

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