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Q: Is there something comparable to the spruance bread flour?
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Where can you find Spruance Bread Mix?

The Russell Spruance Company no longer manufactures flour or bread mix. They were located in Pennsylvania. The company is still listed on the tax rolls, but they are no longer in business.

Does anyone know who made spruance baking flour?

The Russell Spruance Company of McDonald, PA, made Spruance flour and mixes; it is no longer in business.

Is spruance flour mix available and where?

Apparently the company went out of business

Difference between bread flour and all purpose flour?

Bread Flour is often a coarser flour, all purpose flour can be used in place of bread flour.

What is the different meaning between flour for making bread and flour to make bread?

There is no difference between "flour for making bread" and "flour to make bread." Both phrases refer to the same thing: bread flour.

Is there any flour you can sub to make bread flour?

I need two cups of bread flour. I have ap flour and cream of tartar though. How do I make bread flour from what I have?

What happens to bread if there's no flour in it?

There is no bread without flour.

What is flour for in bread?

Flour is used for making the dough for the bread.

Can you replace bread flour for all purpose flour?

If your recipe calls for all purpose flour and all you have is bread flour, you can use the bread flour. Because of bread flour's higher protein content, you may find that the baked good you made with bread flour has a slightly chewier texture.

Can you replace bread flour with superfine flour to make bread?

Superfine flour should not be used in place of bread flour. Bread flour is made from "hard" wheat that has been bred to have the high gluten content that makes proper bread.

Can you use flour instead of bread when making bread pudding?

No! Bread pudding requires bread. Flour is an ingredient of bread, but it is not bread.

Is sour dough bread refined?

It is not the bread that is refined but the flour that the bread is made with - thus a sourdough bread can be made with unrefined flour or refined flour.

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