Is there something you can buy to attach to your car that will help make deer aware of you approaching?

Only driving VERY SLOWLY through areas that they are known to live will reduce "accidents": oftentimes, we are driving along and the deer's "chase response" is triggered, and they will run right into a car (or truck) trying to make it maneuver away from them. That's because that is what they do in nature: they compete.

There are special plastic things about the size of a nickle that you can buy at homehardware that emit a highpitched sound when wind blows through them. They just attach to the hood or bumper of your car, usually two of them. The sound is an ultra-high frequency that humans can't hear but deer can. In testing the sound actually frightends the deer away. Many people are skeptical about them actually working.

There is also a product called a deer warning whistle. It attaches to your bumper and looks like a tiny police radar gun. It whistles as you accelerate and wind passes through it.