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My cat has an itchy skin condition, and the vet suggested we give him "advantage", assuming he has an allergy to fleas, ect... it works, he doesnt itch, or scratch and his hair has grown back!

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What is the itchy lump on your arm?

It could be ringworm, bug-bite, or something else...

What does it mean when guinea pigs twitch their noses?

they might be itchy or they could be smelling something.

If you became itchy inside your vagina and you witness something white on the inside that look like sperm but has hardened what could it be?

it is a spot that can be very itchy if you stress over it.

What is a itchy rash on your neck?

It could be something as minor as a small allergic reaction to a necklace, or it could be something more serious. Only a doctor can give you an appropriate answer.

Whot would cause the roof of your mouth to be itchy?

You could have an allergy against something you have eaten.

What causes itchy rash on ankles?

If you have a pet, it could be flea bites or something else I am not familiar with.

What could brown-reddish flat dry scaly slowly spreading occasionally itchy spots on your abdomen be and the first has been there for about 9 months?

It's not good to self-diagnose over the internet. The itchy spots could be something major, or even something simple. Seeing your doctor is something you should do asap.

What are these non-itchy bumps on elbows?

Non-itchy bumps on the elbows could be a condition called Keratosis pilaris which occurs when the follicles become enflamed and blocked. It can be treated with topical creams such as glycolic acid.

What can i do for a itchy scalp?

you can try ph balanced shampoos or i may suggest you could have psoriasis scalp condition so therefore check out

Could something in the ocean cause tiny non-itchy bumps on my back and shoulders?

You might have body acne.

What could a red rash on the neck be which is extremely itchy and has several raised lumps like insect bites and appears to be spreading?

It could be an allergic reaction to something.

What is an itchy rash on inner arm started as itchy lump and spread?

could be psoriasis

What is the itchy condition tinea pedis better know as?

Athlete's Foot

Why do dogs lick their nuts?

Hygiene Reasons. Even dogs like to keep their gentials clean. Or it could be that their nuts are itchy or something ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Could hives kill?

Hives, the itchy bumps that appear on your skin, are not fatal. They are usually just a reaction to something and go in a short time. They are just a symptom. However, there is a condition called Exercise Urticaria, of which hives can be a symptom, which on very rare occasions can be fatal.

What cause a sneeze?

when something itchy or something or smell get close to your nose you sneeze

What does having an itchy right foot mean?

well... you see... if your right foot is itchy, something bad has happened, that bad thing is usually your foot being itchy!

Why is your cow losing it fur around its neck?

It could be ring worm or other internal parasites or it could be sore or itchy so it could be rubbing it against something. Either way, check it out.

Why is your skin itchy?

There are several different things that could be causing your itchy skin. You could have a bug bite, an infection, eczema, a sunburn, or a rash.

Can you take antihistamine for itchy skin in pregnancy?

If it is a new thing you should see a doctor as an itchy skin can be a sign of a serious condition relating to pregnancy.

What is the itchy skin condition tinea pedis better known as?

Athlete's foot

What does kate's opening monologue reveal about her condition?

She is hungry and itchy from her new dress.

What could cause your stomach to be itchy?


What could be reason for itchy anus?

It could be caused by intestinal worms.

If your scrotum is really itchy what could be the problem?

It could be that you are not showering enough.

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