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Not yet. But keep working on it.

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Q: Is there sperm preacent at the tip of the penis?
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What Carrie the sperm and urine to the tip of the penis?


Carries Sperm or urine to the tip of the penis?


Can you get pregnant by the sperm at the tip of the penis?

YES you can. Pre-ejaculation also contains sperm.

What is ejaculation and how can you tell it has happened?

== == ejeculation is when the sperm comes out of the tip of your penis. you can see it after an orgasm.

What do you mean by orgasms?

An "orgasm" in a male is the release of sperm from the tip of the penis. It is caused by spasmodic contraction of muscles at the base of the penis.

How long can a sperm live on tip of a penis after one has evacuated?

As long as it doesn't dry off or isn't wiped off.

How many days does it take for sperm to develope?

When your penis fills up with blood to complete the errection, there is a signal sent to the prostate which then allows the formation of sperm, after being sexually excited for a long enough period of time the sperm shoots itsself out the tip of the penis. the answer is it takes about 75 days for a mere "25 min" to enjoy the feeling of the sperm shooting out of the penis.

When you squeeze the tip of your penis white milky fluid comes out what does that mean?

It's sperm. It's a normal thing, and it is definitely not a disease.

Can you produse sperm if your penis is 6cm?

Producing sperm has nothing to do with your penis; that's all about the testicles.

What is a tube that runs the bladder to the tip of the penis?

The tube that runs from the bladder to the tip of the penis is called the urethra.

Where does sperm and urine come out?

Most men and boys have a small opening in the end of their penis. The same opening is used for both sperm and for urine. Some boys who have a specific medical condition might not have the opening in the tip of their penis but might instead it might be situated some place else on their penis, usually somewhere on the underside.

What is wet in penis?


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