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Q: Is there such a visa for a permanent resident who was deported to be able to come and visit his family for a couple of weeks or days?
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On what day is Eliezer's family deported from Sighet?

The Sabbath, the day of rest.

On what day is eliezers family deported from sighet in the book Night?


What countries can polish passport holder enter visa free?

I have a family member that is in the processes of being deported . What are her chances to get married befor getting deported?

How would you feel if you and you family were deported from your country essay?

WikiAnswers does not write essays.

What happens to the children if the mother is deceased and the father is in jail and is getting deported?

Same as if he was not in jail or being deported. If they are not together, the children go to her family or foster care.

Can you get a Canadian citizenship if you marry a Canadian?

You must first apply for Canadian permanent residency. After you have been living in Canada for 3 years out of 4 as a permanent resident, you can apply for citizenship. You can find out more information about the Family Class Sponsorship Program. See: Related Links

Can i rent a house to bachelors where my house is situated in family resident area?

You cannot rent a house to bachelors if your house is situated in a family resident area.

Can someone with a US permanent resident visa marry someone from another country and get them a permanent resident visa too?

Yes. A permanent resident who resides in the United States can usually sponsor a spouse to gain permanent resident status as well if the marriage is in good faith and not just for obtaining a green card for the foreign national. As the sponsor is not a US citizen, there are limits on the number of persons who can be admitted as the spouse of a permanent resident (F2A Family preference category) resulting in a wait time before the foreign national can apply for an Immigrant Visa or apply to adjust status. The Department of State visa bulletin contains the wait times. Currently the wait time from the time the I-130 immigration petition is filed to a visa number being available for the foreign nation is just under 2 years. In dealing with cases such as these, as an immigration attorney, I would first evaluate the eligibility of the permanent resident for United States citizenship, as the process would proceed much faster if the permanent resident becomes a naturalized United States citizen. I would also be interested in how the permanent resident gained his or her status, as a permanent resident who gains that status through marriage will need to prove that the marriage through which he gained a green card was in good faith before the USCIS will approve a petition for the second spouse if filed within 5 years of when the permanent resident first gained a green card through marriage. In order to get a green card the foreign national must show that he or she is not inadmissible to the United States because of prior bad acts that include certain criminal convictions and immigration violations. As the facts of each case is different, both parties to the marriage should consult an immigration attorney before entering the marriage.

What is permanent family planning method?


What year did the Nazis take Elie and his immediate family?

The inhabitants of the two ghettos in Sighet, including the Wiesel family, were deported to Auschwitz in 1944.

How do you get a divorce from your husband once he is deported and you do not know where he is?

# i am gonna run away # from My family # never come back #

When did moishe felman die?

on september 22, 1942 when his family was deported to Treblinka and was gassed at age 16

What is a family of procreation?

The family formed by a couple and their child or children.

What is Family of procreation?

The family formed by a couple and their child or children.

Who is the Nguyen family?

They are a couple of asians

If an American born foster child is placed with illegal immigrant family members for permanent care and they are deported does the child go back into the foster care system or with them?

This is a big if. Foster parents are paid, and they must have a social security number. Their backgrounds are also checked before the child is placed. If it is only a family matter, then the family decides what to do, but it could be difficult for the child to get citizenship papers later.

What is the name for a family that has no child?

We usually call a couple like that a "childless couple."

Do Mexicans that live in the US with permanent residence status require a passport to return to the US via air travel from Mexico?

Yes, they do! If they are now a resident of the USA they need proper ID to get back into the state. My father has been a US permanent resident for 30 yrs and he needs to have his passport each time he travels to Mexico to visit family. actually your wrong, i am a Mexican myself and we don't!! so the answer is no!! UR WELCOME!! oh and im 100% right!!

Is ciprian virgil gilea be deported. We need help.?

No he should not be deported due to the fact that he spent over 10 months in jail without any charges.... and on top of it his previouse attornies took advantage of him and his entire family!!!

Are the Holden family australians?

James Robert Holden, the Resident Director of Holden in Adelaide, represented the Holden family at the launch.

How do you handle your racist family?

Say a PERMANENT goodbye to them when you're 18.

Why is the married couple family no longer the typical family?

the common family has a minimum of two children now.

How can YOU be a resident for free?

To be a resident for free, see if you can talk to the landlord about staying for free for a bit. If he says no, see about staying with a family member for free until you get on your feet.

Average income for a greek family?

a couple drachma

What if I have my permanent green card but am getting divorced Is there a 'marriage probation' period If I am visiting family abroad can my spouse contact INS and keep me from returning to the USA?

If you are a permanent resident ,you do not have to worry at all. If you are a conditional resident,which means you have been married less than two years,you should not worry either. Just make sure that your I-551 card is valid. There is no such thing as marriage probation. As long as you entered to the marriage in good faith and not fraudently,then the law is on your side. Your spouse can't stop you from returning to the U.S.