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Pokemon Diamond Pearl and Platinum

Is this a good Pokemon team I have 6 Gyms just starting im saving the lake Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond Staraptor 42 Empoleon 41 Bronzong 38 Quaqsire 29 IN DAYCARE riolu 26 exp share HM geodude bidoff?


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September 13, 2011 10:28AM

well you should probably get all of them up to the same lvl like 45 or somethin the ice gym is a toughy7 so ummm you might want to find a psychic Pokemon but don't take it from me it is ur game

I agree with the first guy. How ever, I suggest you get a fire Pokemon, or some other type of Pokemon that can destroy water and ice.

How ever, don't send your Staraptor into battle because it is weak against ice. Your Empoleon will probably have trouble killing the other Pokemon, and if you have a rock Pokemon, don't take it into battle.

Put in a electric Pokemon though, as it won't be hurt by ice or water. But first get them all to be in the same level.