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This is an incomplete sentence, there is no subject.

Did I have too much to drink last night?

Did you have too much to drink last night?

Did they have too much to drink last night?

How much was too much to drink last night?

Was the wine too much to drink last night?

The subjects to these sentences are I, you, they, how much, and wine.

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Q: Is this sentence correct. To much to drink last night?
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Is this sentence grammatically correct Him and I went to the movies last night?

The correct grammar usage here would be: He and I went to the movies last night.

Which is correct 'yesterday night' or 'last night?

last night

How do you correct did you see the lost kingdom on television last knight?

The correct sentence is: Did you see The Lost Kingdom of television last night. 'Knight' is changed to 'night' because 'knight' is a knight in armor.

What is the predicate in the sentence you had a slight fever last night?

last night

Which is correct yesterday night or last night?


Is it correct to say who came last night and what happened last night?


Is my sentence correct- The party was kept last night at my friend's house?

I am not entirely sure if it is. . . I would reword it to "The party was at my friend's house last." No, "kept" is not the correct verb, "held" should be used.

Is the correct form Where were you last night or Where was you last night?

"Where were you", is the correct usage if you are asking someone where they were last night. The answer could be "I was..."The second person pronoun "you" always uses the past tense "were."

How do you use rationalized in a sentence?

In order to justify his behavior last night, he rationalized that it is OK to drink too much when his team wins.

Is Yes it did rain last night grammatically correct?

No, its Yes, it did rain last night.

What is the correct grammar of your husband have worked the whole night last night?

"Did your husband work the whole night last night?" "Your husband worked the whole night last night."

In the sentence It burned last night is night an adverb that modifies when It burned and is last another adverb modifying which night?

night is a noun last is an adjective

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