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someone plz answer cuz im 13 and i want kids wen im older and wen i wuz little i always played w/ my belly button! im scared! my friend told me this and im like so scared!

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2011-10-16 23:04:22
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Q: Is this true that if you play with your belly button you might not be able to have kids?
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If you get your belly button pierced does it cause infertility?

Never heard of such a thing. I know plenty of people that have belly button piercings and have kids...

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I'm 17 and you have your belly button pierced so when you have kids it wont stretch the hole?

I'm not completely sure how this question is supposed to be worded, but I had my belly button pierced at 14 and had a child at 17. I took the jewelry out when I was pregnant til about a month ago, my daughters 15 months, so I had it out for awhile. But the hole DID stretch, and when you're pregnant your belly button pushes more inwards. Or it's deeper.

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