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Is vicky guerreo the manager of smackdown of Smackdown vs Raw 09?


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Yes, Vickie Guerrero is the general manager of smackdown vs raw 2009! Vickie Guerrero is stupid


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I think she is gone for injuries due to vicky guerrerro. she still has her video on the smackdown titantron thogh so it's possible.

No,they just did that to make you watch smackdown more.

Yes, Vickie Guerrero is pregnant

Vickie Lynn Guerrero (born Victoria Lynn Lara; April 16, 1968) is an American professional wrestling personality, manager, shifting authority figure and occasional wrestler. She is the widow of professional wrestler Eddie Guerrero, currently signed to WWE on its Raw brand. She had previously been on the SmackDown brand, where she served as the Official Consultant to SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long. She had also served as acting general manager, but was storyline fired after Teddy Long returned on SmackDown's 600th episode to reclaim the General Manager position.

He said something about Vicky Guerrero cheating on Edge wit The Big Show. Psst! Im wondering the same thing too!!!!! LOL!!!!

Because she speared Layla and helped Edge keep his title belt. So Vicky fired her, but she's not really fired. It's a kayfabe fire, like John Cena. Vicky made a match next Smackdown with Dolph Ziggler W/ Vicky as the special ref. vs Edge.

Vicky Gueraro RAW general manager

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No sorry but HHH is on Smackdown now and HBK isn't going to move to Smackdown and HHH cant move back to RAW. HHH got sent to Smackdown to break up Edge and Vicky, So that Undertaker could come back when they have broken up and get revenge on Edge. DX cant return because that was part of the Attitude ERA which along with ECW has died. Vince killed them both off so they cant reunite DX because 1 different brands, 2 HH is on his way to beat Rick Flairs record of 16 world titles, 3 Who would they face? DX was a band of peopel but now there is 3 brands there isn't enough people one 1 brand even RAW otherwise you would have no other matches. Ecw doesnt even have enough for 1 band never mind 2. So im sorry but it isn't gunna happen

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