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Yes. It is the 7th Best Engeneering Collage in India and the 2nd Best Private Engeneering Collage in India.

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Q: Is vit good for btech biotech?
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Which is better vit vellore or gb pant pantnagar for btech?

VIT. Yes. It is the 7th Best Engeneering Collage in India and the 2nd Best Private Engeneering Collage in India.

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Yes , it worths. Last year indian army and indian navy slected many students from LPU.

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Which seat can you get if your rank is 8000 in vit in btech?

You will have the option of a lot of Courses. You will be able to get all the Courses in the Chennai Campus. You will not be able to get CSE, EEE, ECE in Vellore Campus. (This answer is based on the Results of VIT Counceling for 2011. Things change from Year to Year)

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people say that VIT mechanical is good but VIT SRM And IIST are given 3 Year dead line to improve or else they will get de-recognized ...