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It depends on who is doing the discharging. In the United States, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulates waste water discharge under the Clean Water Act. Other countries will have their own regulations.

Unfortunately, the law is not always followed. If you have any questions or complaints you should contact your local authorities.

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Q: Is waste water treated before it is discharged into the sea?
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Waste matter discharged from the body?

What is the waste matter discharged from our body

Waste water treated or untreated that flow out of a treatment plant sewer or industrial outfall which generally refers to wastes discharged into surface waters is called?

severage flow

What must be done to waste water collected from landfills that will prevent the pollution of groundwater?

treated before it is used

How is waste water treated in india?


How it happen water pollution?

Water pollution occurs when contaminants are released into the water body such as the ocean or rivers. The water mainly occurs when we discharged untreated sewage or waste into the water. The main causes of water pollution are industrial wastes, house hold waste and chemicals. The used water of a community is called waste water or sewage. If it is not treated before being discharged into waterways, serious pollution is the result. Water pollution also occurs when rain water runoff from urban and industrial areas and from agricultural land and mining operations makes its way back to receiving waters (river, lake or ocean) and into the ground.

Can waste water be treated the same as natural water?

No, waste water requires much more complex cleaning.

How is water discharged into the sea?

Most water flows through rivers. Sewage is usually treated, by digestion of the organic matter by microorganisms, followed by allowing the sludge to settle before it is discharged to rivers or the sea. When the amount of water exceeds the capability of the sewage plant to treat it, raw sewage is discharged to sea. This can be done safely if a long enough pipe is used, and beaches are closed for a period after the discharge.

What percentage of waste water from emerging countries is treated?


When waste water clean is it really clean?

They are three types of waste water 1. Industrial waste water 2. Black water (Toilets) 3. Grey water (Domestic waste water) Out of those Black water is not treated and the remaining two are treated. Waste water is 99.9% pure and the remaining 0.1% constitute all the waste. While salt water is 95% pure. If we develop a suitable technology we can pure that waste water and can reuse . But up to date Grey water is cleaned by no of processes and the purified water is used for Gardening and Toilet flush

What are two ways that waste water is treated before it can be released?

( Only if it goes into a main sewer ). First, the solids are removed by filters and settling tanks. Then, the liquid is oxygenated to remove bacteria. When it is around 90% pure (pure enough to drink), it is discharged into the local water course to be used again or else it would make its way into the sea.

How is waste water treated in NEW WATER?

they are treated with strong UV rays, then the good bacteria kills germs in it so it will be safe to drink.LOL :)

What percentage of the waste water in Mexico city is purified now?

I guess you mean "treated." Only 15% of waste water is treated. The remaining is reused in irrigated agriculture, including alfalfa, barley, wheat and corn.