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Wow that's a lot of condoma. Doesn't neccessarily mean he is cheating though, he may have got them all free from a family planning clinic and have been saving them up - they do give a lot. In short, if you think he may be cheating look for other signs like his behaviour changing towards you, or going missing for several hours with no good excuse. All in all just ask him about the condoms and watch his reaction, if he is lying he will panic, of just not answer. GOod luck

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Q: Is your boyfriend cheating if you find three envelopes full of condoms in his car?
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Is it cheating if your boyfriend has three other girlfriends?

That depends on where you fit in to the relationship.If you and your boyfriend have made long term commitments and have promised to be with each other and no one else. Then it would be cheating.But if you and your boyfriend are just dating and have made NO commitments, he probably sees you as just another girlfriend and that would NOT be cheating.

What are signs of a boyfriend cheating?

One doesn't answer calls or texts, two he avoids you, and three he doesn't hang out with you

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hes cheating! deeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrr

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to try to upset you and try to get sex from you and you should know he is cheating on you take it from someone who knows. i had a boyfriend he played with my feelings and he cheated on three times. Don't let your boyfriend play with your feelings.

What are three causes of cheating?

three causes of cheating are one loss of interest, fighting, and feeling unloved. these are all reasons of people cheating on there spouses.

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What do you do if you know your boyfriend is cheating on you?

You have three options: Dump him. If he's done it once, he'll likely do it again. Put up with it. Ask him what's going on and let his response be your guide to future action.

My boyfriend goes to the bar three to four times a week he sais he goes to watch sports but you have a bad feeling about it do you think he is cheating?

well that maybe right just don't say anything ok

What three fronts are on the transparency?

Quit cheating on your homework.

It seems to you that your boyfriend could be cheating on you He went from constantly telling you that he loves you to barley saying it allAnd when you im each other it takes him forever to reply three?

be straight up if you have a feeling he is just ask for honesty and say are you cheating ...if he is blah move on he wouldn't be owrth it ...if hes not ...keep your eyes open

If a girl discovers that her boyfriend is cheating on her than should she tie up the guy?

If the girl discovers you are cheating on her then most likely she will want to take revenge or not. if you have meen two timing or three timing like ethan has on holloaks, then the girl wants revenge then yes. she will tie you up naked and probably gagg you and leave you there.

When you ask your boyfriend if he wants to go on a date with you he always says he is busy what does that mean?

Well There could be three things going on. One is that he is actually busy. two is that he doesnt really like you and is trying to get you to break up with him, or three he is cheating on you. I dont know how to tell the differenc sorry.

Does your boyfriend really love you if he has cheated on you three times with his ex and lied about it repeatedly and what should you do?

If he's cheating on someone else WITH YOU, what makes you think that if you get back together he won't cheat ON YOU with someone else? He can't be trusted. Leave now.

What is the best way to confront a cheating husband?

Most cheating husbands will deny they are cheating. Be calm and either get a friend to go with you when you feel he is out cheating and follow him or, hire a detective for three or four days to be sure he truly is cheating and then you can give him solid proof you need and you will have to decide if you want to live with a cheater.

How do you deal with your boyfriend who is cheating you?

Here's a simple three step process first See if he's really cheating on you don't want to accuse him of something he didn't do. First swear at him then dumb his sorry but. Secondly buy yourself two big tubs of your favorite flavor of ice cream cry it all out ( if your not a sappy girl but tough skip it) Thirdly invite your friends for huge slumber party then eat the ice cream out of the bucket listening to the song Stronger by Kelly Clarkson while throwing darts at your ex's picture and just have fun forgot about him and just ignore him if he ever talks to you again he's not even worth it those are three easy simple steps to forget about your cheating ex boyfriend it also works with non cheating ex boyfriends

How many were Dappy girlfriend?

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Is he cheating on you while away?

my boyfriend has been away at sleep away camp for almost three weeks now, and at first i was nervous he would meet someone new. but i wrote him a letter and when he finally wrote back, i knew that he was still thinking about me.

Could you still get pregnant if sperm slips out a torn condom?

Yes, you can 1 out of three condoms break.. and some times girls holes in the condoms so that the boy can pay child support haha so don't have sexxx :))) or use 3 condoms! the baby pill is really good to..

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How do you find out if your boyfriend is cheating on you?

well first is your boyfriend acting weird around you or is he talking less to you? If he is that might be a possible sign that hes cheating. Second is he all over you more than he was in front of his friends? If those three signs are happening he might be. But girls DONT BE AFRIAD TO ASK! My boyfriend a couple years ago wasnt talking to me as much as he did in the begging, so i had one of my friends be my little detective and ask him if he was cheating on me. Of couse he said no but, i was still worried. I told my older sister (older syblings help A LOT) what was going on and she said just ask him face to face( if you ask over the phone you cant tell if he looks worried) so the next day at school i asked him and he never was cheating on me. So don't be afriad to ask and mabey even have him sit down to talk with you. Hope everything works out!

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