Is your boyfriend cheating if you live together and when you approach him to make love he denies you but when he wants to make love he expects you to give it to him?


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== == == == No, this doesn't necessarily mean he is cheating on you. Some men prefer to have control over the first move when it comes to making love while other men love it when a woman comes onto them. Each to their own. If your boyfriend doesn't treat you well other than sex such as not taking you out, going out with friends and having fun, smiles and cuddles with you on occasion, asks how you are and makes some attempt to communicate his feelings with you and vice-versa, then it's a possibility he is abusive in his own way or he could be cheating. Other habits of cheating is not coming home until late. Never calling you if he is going to be late. Doesn't include you in the fun he has. Says he's always out with the boys and doesn't take you anywhere. If he hits you, verbally abuses you by calling you names this is abuse! If you both think you are old enough to live together and carry on a mature relationship then you should be mature enough to sit down and communicate. You may have to initiate this yourself, but come right out and ask him why he is acting the way he is. He may have reasons and you are the only one that can decide if his reasonings are suitable to what you think. Remember, you are in total control of your own destiny! If you don't like what is going on then you can move out and keep going and NEVER look back. Actually the worse things you can do is to ask a man, 'How do you feel ......?' Rephrase is to 'What do you think about .......?' Read the book 'Why Men Marry Bitches.' It's actually a great book helping to understand the man's psyche. The whole bitches thing is just a whole tongue and cheek thing. It only means a strong self assured woman and nothing else but that.


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