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If he loves you very much yes he will.If you disrespect him he might not.So watchout.

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How do you give your boyfriend the best sex he's ever had?

Ask him to marry you first.

How do you know if your boyfriend will marry you?

ask if he will marry u

Will you ever ask your boyfriend his name?

yes you will ask your boyfriend his name.

Your boyfriend has mentioned several times that you should ask him to marry you is that something you should do?

Generally it is the boyfriend that asks the girlfriend to marry him, but it is not uncommon for independent women to ask her boyfriend to marry her. However, in your case your boyfriend may be teasing you and if he is not then he is controlling and you should break up with him. When he tells you again to ask him to marry you tell him not to hold his breath because that's his job!

You want your boyfriend to marry you?

If u want your boyfriend to marry you go up old school and ask him your self only if your ready for that step!!!

Will rob be your boyfriend?

You will need to ask the person you are wanting to be your boyfriend. If you do not ask him, you are never going to know.

My boyfriend hangs out with another girl what do I do?

Ask your boyfriend what's going on with them

Should you break up with a boyfriend who wont marry you?

Him not wanting to marry may mean your really special to him. But ask him about why he doesn't want to marry you.

How do you ask a lady to marry you?

you need to have the ability 1. know where are going to propose her to marry you 2. before asking begin a nice talk 3. only ask if you think that is the indicated person for you 4. and live happily ever after

Why does a guy who likes you ask you about how your date with your boyfriend was?

He asks you because he is jealous of you and your boyfriend going on a date. Maybe he wants to ask you out.

What if you love your boyfriend so much that you just wish he would ask you to marry him?

ask him or hint that your friends bf proposed

How should you ask your boyfriend if his been honest and have feelings for his ex?

Ask outright. If he's too much of a pansy to face the question, then you're probably not going to ever get a straight answer from him, anyhow.

How do you propuse a girl?

You wait for the right moment, have a ring in a box, or how ever your going to do it and get on your knees while she is looking away or her eyes are closed and ask if she will marry you.

Is cm punk going to ask aj lee to marry him?

No he is not

How will i know if my boyfriend wants to marry me?

To find out this question. Ask him what plans does he has for the future in regards to your relationship.

Should I ask my boyfriend if he wants kids?

It is a discussion you should both have before you decide to marry.

Did Mario ever ask peach to marry him?

yes but i don't know when

What if your friend kissed your boyfriend he didn't know she was going to what should you do?

If your friend kissed your boyfriend then you should connfront her. Ask her why she would do that when she knows he's your boyfriend. Then you should ask your boyfriend if he made the first move not her.

Is it acceptable that your boyfriend always talk about his ex?

If you boyfriend always talks about is ex that means he hasn't gotten over her yet. An might still have some feelings for her. Ask he does he still love her and is he ever going to move on.

Is nat going to ask roslina to marry him?

never in 100,0000 years

What does it mean when you dream your boyfriend ask you to marry him?

This sounds like a wish of the dreamer for the event portrayed in the dream.

What paperwork will you need to marry your incarcerated boyfriend?

You will need a 5150 form ,ask any police

How do you find out if your boyfriend wants to be with you forever?

ask him if he says no ask him"how long do think we're going to be together"

What should you do if your boyfriend of two years and you talk about marriage all the time and he says he wants to marry you but has yet to propose?

maby you should ask him to marry you first.

How do you know if a guy is going to ask you to Marry him?

There may be signs that let you know a guy is going to ask you to marry him that can include him telling you that you are the only one for him. If you have been dating and in a relationship for a considerable time, he might be thinking of asking you. Since each guy is different, they are the only one who knows what they are thinking and if they will ask someone to marry them.

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