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Is your coworker friend flirting with your husband when she talks about him?

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Nothing unless she's flirting. If she is flirting, whisper something in her ear that's funny or gossip about someone she doesnt like in her ear

He may just be being friendly to her. Or he could be flirting with her. It depends on what he's saying. Just because he talks to your friends doesn't mean he doesn't like you!

No. You are flirting with her and she is backing off and letting things cool off for a while. She obviously enjoys talking to you but I don't think she wants anything more than that.

I think the best you can do is go up to them. Or if your friend talks to him/her have your friend introduce you. And if you feel like they know you just start flirting. Its the best way to get someone to like you. Also try to find out what they think about you!

Talk to her.. If she's your friend, she shouldn't be flirting with your boyfriend. Or, if she's just some random chick you don't know, she still shouldn't be flirting with him. If she is. If she talks about him all the time, somethings up. Talk to your bf and see what he has to say about it.

obvi you dont know nothing you failure at flirting...

when he talks to you all the time smiles alot and seems uncomftorable

it could mean that maybe he has found something that he doesnt like about you, that was just playing you, or that something has happened that has made him want to keep his distance from you

It seems like he likes you and he might not even notice that he's talking to her often. He might just want a friend that's not a girl friend but just a friend that's a girl if you know what I mean.

nothing...maybe your friend didnt talk enough about you or either the guy just isn't really into you....find out from ur friend

She blew on you ok that's weird to answer your question yes yes yes she does like you it is obvious or she could be a friend but the blowing means flirting so yeah she likes you

When someone talks to you, you do best to listen. And give a candid opinion of the topic.

You can tell your crush is flirting with you by the way he acts. If he says good things about you to your face ; he's flirting | if he gets a little envious when you discuss another boy , you know he is | && if he always stares at you or talks to his homies about you constantly , you can definitely tell. [:

She talks her husband into killing Duncan.

It means she likes hanging out with her best friend. She'll spend time with you too.

She is acting like she is interested in you and hangs out with you alot and talks and looks at you alot. :) Good Luck!

You can tell if he's flirting with his ex, and texting/messaging her. If he talks about he sometimes as well.

Making extended eye contact with you, where he's so into you, he will not move his eyes off you.

Be very wary of labeling people. Just because a male coworker may have effeminate mannerisms doesn't mean he is gay. However, if he is then he may feel lonely and just wants to be your friend. Many gay men have several female friends because they are more comfortable with them. Cut him some slack and be pleasant to him and get to know him a little better. If he's gay it's sure not love he's after.

Then he is not good enough for you and you should find someone who talks about you in a good way!

Clarification needed: his friends or your friends?

Get a divorce, then it won't matter if he talks.

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