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Perhaps she WAS on the rebound and got too deeply involved with the new guy too fast, but that's a moot point, now. The new guy isn't new anymore. Some rebound relationships last, sometimes for keeps. This might be one of them. If you're still carrying a torch for your ex, let her know how you feel and see how she reacts. She may not be all that happy with her current relationship and just biding her time. Who knows? Perhaps she regrets your breakup and would be willing, even eager, to get back with you. We're not fortune tellers, and the Magic Eight Ball is an unreliable source of answers. If she blows you off, I'm sorry, but time heals all wounds. But if you don't ask her, you'll never know and be nagged by I-wish-I-wouldas.

2006-08-24 16:01:07
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Does a rebound relationship last if its right after a breakup?

They do only if they arent the same guy you were just with

Ex-boyfriend married 9 months after breakup was this made as rebound?

It could possibly be a rebound relationship if your break-up with him really upset him. However, if he was not that upset about your break-up with him, then this is just a natural attraction. Who knows, maybe he was seeing this person before you two broke-up.

How do you know if your boyfriend is in a rebound relationship?

The best way to know is knowing how much time passed between the time when his old relationship ended, and when yours and his relationship began.If it was a period of less than two weeks, it is possible it is a rebound relationship.

What is a rebound in love life?

Rebound in your love life means when you date too soon after a breakup. It is dangerous to date right away as the relationship doesn't usually last and the person is just filling an empty space.

Why did my boyfriend get back with his ex girlfriend?

It was obvious he was not over her and still wanted to be with her unfortunately you were involved in a rebound relationship with him.

If you met your boyfriend 3 months after he split up with his ex and its now been a year into the relationship and he's still friends with his ex is it a rebound relationship?

well if its been a year into your relationship then he must really see something in you.And 3 months after a relationship ends its not a rebound, if it was about a week or two then yeah.Another thing and if it was a rebound he would of ended up with his ex again

What does rebound guy mean?

Recently out of a relationship & on the rebound.

Is it a rebound relationship?

If you are entering into a relationship on the heels of ending another one, that is the definition of being in a rebound relationship. In essence you have rebounded from your past relationship into your new one.

How long after a break-up is a new relationship considered a rebound relationship?

IT ALL DEPENDS ON WHAT TYPE OF PERSON YOU ARE. SOMEONE WHO HAS BEEN IN A LONG TERM RELATIONSHIP WITH SOMEBODY AND HAD A BAD BREAKUP MIGHT NOT KNOW WHAT IT IS LIKE TO BE ALONE AND THEY TEND TO SEARCH FOR SOMEONE TO FILL IN THAT SPOT TO MAKE THEM FEEL SAFE. ME PERSONALLY IF I HAD BEEN IN A LONGTERM RELATIONSHIP I WOULD NOT WANT TO BE IN ANOTHER FOR SOMETIME. IT ALL DEPENDS ON YOU AND WHAT AND WHO MAKES YOU HAPPY DONT WORRY ABOUT WHAT OTHER PEOPLE MIGHT THINK. a day, a week, a month you should at least take three months to a year to yourself That depends. If you're just seeking someone to be with, more of a replacement for a previous relationship, it's probably rebound. If it's an attempt to get past the breakup blues, it's definitely rebound. If you've managed to get past the breakup blues, looked around for a while and found someone you actually want to be with, it's probably not rebound. There isn't some magic number like 17 days after breakup, or 3 months or 5 boyfriends. It's all about where YOU are inside your head.

What is a rebound in a relationship?

a rebound in a relationship is when u have someone to go out with rite after u det dumped or break up with the person ur with

Can a rebound relationship also be defined as one entered into by the person who ended the prior relationship or does the term just apply to the person who was rejected?

A rebound relationship can be either person.

What is a rebound boyfriend?

A rebound boyfriend is where a girl and a guy break up and the girl gose out and gets anothe rboyfriend that she dnt really like, and she acts like it be she dont mean anything that she dose so there for hes a rebound... ]

Will he last in his rebound relationship if he really loves me?

no his relationship wont last!

Can a rebound relationship last years?


What are the chances of a rebound relationship that began 4 months after the breakup of 22 year marriage?

I think that you shouldnt worry about when your marrige was. Four months is waaay long enough until you start a new relation ship!

If you left your ex husband a yr ago and found a new love is it still a rebound relationship?

I don't know if a year gone by can be considered a rebound, but it may have more to do with your feelings after the breakup. Rebound relationships are usually defined as dating someone while still bouncing back from losing another person. But you left your ex-husband, so chances are, a year later, you're not on the rebound anymore. But, of course, only you would know whether you were or not.

Are you a rebound?

if you feel that a person is with you because they came out of a relationship, and know that you'll say "yes", then you're a rebound

I'm dating a girl who just left a bad relationship and she tells me she likes me a lot and I like her a lot and we spend a lot of time together but how do I know if she's real or on the rebound?

ask her Time will tell whether it is a rebound. Do the best you can to keep the relationship positive without spending time discussing the past boyfriend. Be sure to include different activities and friends as you slowly build your relationship.

Can a guy get over his last relationship when he knows he likes you?

If he is dating you right after a recent breakup then chances are he is not totally over the previous relationship and you could be a rebound. Give him some time and space as well as allow time for you, don't rush things or pressure him - relax and let things evolve if they are to on their own.

Is it a rebound if your boyfriend started a new relationship less than a month after you broke up?

It could be, it depends on many things, including how long you two dated, and how serious you were. It is possible he is trying to make you jealous, just ignore it, you dont want to let him see that he is upsetting you. While you all were together he might have been already cheating on you It doesn't necessarily mean that this new relationship is rebound. I know it hurts but he may like this other girl. After all it has been a MONTH. Basically, if this is a high school relationship then the answer is NO, IT'S NOT REBOUND. If not, it could be rebound. Answer Sorry, but it's not any of your business -- that's what "you broke up" means.

Word for new relationship right after end of a long relationship?

Rebound and they rarely last, except for mine.

Who should you rebound with?

This is a hard one. Everybody feels down and depressed. Your heart desires someone who isn't quite suitable and because that person is there for you, you feel a connection with them. You meet up with this person quite a lot, since your breakup, but deep down the blonds are not what you are looking for. All you are looking for is a bit of fun to get over your ex-girlfriend/ ex-boyfriend. Wiki suggests you should rebound with a random person.

I have this boyfriend but i like someone else more than him what should i do?

you should see how your relationship with your boyfriend is going, and see if the other guy is worth leaving your current boyfriend for him. and if you do decide to leave him do it on good terms. and then wait atleast 3 weeks to a month to move on , you dont wanna make the guy feel like a rebound.

How do you change from being a rebound to a real relationship?

stop sleeping with random people!!!

Your ex is marrying his rebound relationship?

more details are needed to make an accurate answer.