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He could have well had this girl in the background I'm sorry to say. That's pretty fast, so it's a high possibility he was cheating on you. As much as it hurts you, you'll come to realize eventually that it's best to get rid of this jerk now and not waste more time on him. You deserve better!

2006-08-22 09:22:51
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Is Paolo Nutini split from girlfriend Terri Brogan?

they split back in 10 but later reunited, they have now split again but it is expected they will reconcile

What are the rules to playing internet blackjack games?

While playing Internet Blackjack games always split for blackjack pairs, in case you get a pair of aces and a pair of eights. never split for blackjack a pair, which means that you should only stand when you get a pair of eights or a pair of aces.

How can you get your brother to split up with his girlfriend?

tell your brother that his girlfriend said bad stuff about him and then same the opposite to his girlfriend

Do boys and girls like the same games?

Yes and no. I will use my girlfriend and myself for this example. My girlfriend and I both like to play racing games like Split/Second, RPGs like Fable 3, action games like God of War and Dante's Inferno, and music games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band. She enjoys many of the facebook "games" (FarmTown and the like), but I enjoy Call of Duty and Halo. So there are some games that we play together, but there are others that I will play on the Xbox while she is on her laptop playing games.

Is Joseph Calzage married?

Just split with his girlfriend.

Recently me and my boyfriend split up. He still says he loves and misses me. Does he want me back or is he just playing games?

he is playing around sweeite sorry

Will Thomas law leave his girlfriend for you?

no his girlfriend Charlotte and him are very happy. I hope noone will split them up.sorry.

Why does your ex girlfriend want to meet your girlfriend?

So she can evaluate what type of girl you got hold of after you split up.

Does Sasha Vujacic have a girlfriend?

He was engaged to Maria Sharapova. They've split.

Why did Bruno Mars split with his ex girlfriend?

because he didnt like her

Has Daniel Radcliffe split up with his girl friend?

why do u want to know god and yes he is still coz i am his girlfriend Yes, he has split up with his old girlfriend. Daniel is not dating anyone at the moment.

Is there split screen on PC games?

have, just press the split button.

What is a cut screen in video games?

a cut, or split screen when playing a video game is when two or more people are playing the same game, on the same system, on the same tv. the screen of the tv is split to show two different camera angles, almost as if the tv screen was split in two. in this way all people can play at the same time.

Can cells in a worksheet split?

Only if the cell is a merged cell. So if you merge cells, you can split them later, but you cannot split a normal cell.

What cards should you split while playing blackjack?

Always split aces and eights.

When did Three Days Grace split?

Three Days Grace split in 1997, but rejoined later that year.

How do you get a boy to split up with his girlfriend?

It's really not your place. Besides, if you can do it then it can be done to you.

If girlfriend and you split up what does she get?

Give her any unpaid bills & nothing else!

What should I think about my Ex-Girlfriend?

What you think abour your ex-girlfriend entirely depends on what circumstances you split up. Only you can decide what you think about her, whether that be good or bad.

Can china anne mclain do a split?

china almost can, when she was playing the big piano she fell into a split

Does your ex girlfriend think about you?

Yes they can think of you but it also depends on why you broke up..They may not want to think of you and what happened for you and your ex girlfriend to split.

Does brian urlacher have a girlfriend?

It is unknown if Brian Urlacher currently has a girlfriend. He did date actress Jenny McCarthy in 2012, but they split up shortly after.

Can you lose your house if your girlfriend and you split up and the house is in one name?

If it's in her name.

Does Sean smith from the blackout have a girlfriend?

no he doesn't. he split up with her a few weeks ago.

How can you split your best friend and his girlfriend up?

His girlfriend loves him with all her heart and doesnt ever want to break up with him. They are both immesnsly happy :)