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No you are not wrong! She shouldn't even be involved with her ex even if she says they are friends. She's with you now and her ex should remain in the past. I was married before and as much as I like my husband's 2 brothers and his sister I cut all ties when I met and married my 2nd husband. Time to have a little chat with her and tell her how you feel and if she won't agree with you then tell her to keep going and she can talk to her ex all about their sex life all they want. Then move on!

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Is it cheating to have the book open while testing?

That is one form of cheating

What is full form of girlfriend?

Girlfriend is a word in its full form

Can boosters be banned on ps3?

Boosting your score is a form of cheating and cheating can get you banned

What is the irregular verb of talks?

Talk is not an irregular verb it is a regular verb because to make past tense you add -ed = talked.Talks is the third person singular form of the regular verb talk. You use the third person singular form when the subject is he/she/it or a singular noun subject egHe talks too much. She talks loud. It talks very well.The doctor talks too much. The old man talks softly -- singular nouns subjects

Is multiple calls to cell phone multiple text messages and coming to workplace to meet a person who is suspected of cheating with boyfriend a form of stalking?

Absolutely! You should not be so controlling and just let your boyfriend/girlfriend do what ever he/she wants. If he/she is cheating, why would you want to be with them anyway? If they don't respect you or your relationship, they don't deserve you.

What is the full form of SALT?

Strategic Arms Limitation Talks

What the plural form of talk?

The plural of the noun talk is talks.

Define not to cheat?

I think its not doing anything that would hurt the other, lying, secrets, hiding thing, even phone calls are a form of cheating if you don't tell you spouse about it... if its sneaky its a form of cheating.. so if you are Not doing these type of actives I would say your not cheating.

Why is Stephen hawking in a wheelchair and talks through a computer?

He has a form of ALS.

Atoms join together to form what?

Well, they can form molecules. Molecules join together to form elements. Elements join together to form compounds.

How do you fill the form of job application form in atomic energy?

i don't know but u shouldn't be cheating

When monomers form together what do they form?

Many monomers linked together form a polymer.

What is the possessive form of the plural noun girlfriend?

The plural form of the noun girlfriend is girlfriends.The plural possessive form is girlfriends'.Example: Our girlfriends' plan for a sleepover does not include us!

Is there headphones in football helmets?

no, because this could be used as a form of cheating.

Is talking to other females on the Internet considered cheating?

In many circumstances, yes, talking to other females other than your girlfriend or wife on the Internet could be a form of a cheating. If you innocently chat a bit on Facebook or Twitter or any other site, and it's public, that's probably OK. However, if you are flirting or entering into a deep, private relationship with someone on the Internet, and if you start spending a large amount of your time thinking about a woman there and comparing her to your girlfriend or wife, that is often called having an emotional affair (or emotional cheating). This means that although you may not have done anything physical with the other woman or women, you are still behaving in every other way as if you are cheating.

Which words are in the future tense form of the verb in this sentence. the auctioneer talks fast?

There are no future tense verbs in this sentence.The only verb is talks, and that is present

What is 35 over 84 in simplest form?


What are the elements that never form bonds with other atoms called?

its called no cheating

How do you write 32005008 in expanded form?

895799 686687 98765500 stop cheating

What introduced a republic form of government?

Roman Empire Have fun cheating :P

What is 0.008 written in expanded form?

the answer is stop cheating on math figure it out people

How do you say sorry to my brother after cheating with his girlfriend?

First, you should give him some space for a while. He would probably like to cause some form of debilitating damage to you right now. After that, call him - don't make your first contact face-to-face.

What works together to form tissue?

Cells work together to form tissue.

These atoms may bond together to form?

They bond together to form molecules .

What Do Tissues Work Together To Form?

tissues work together to form an organs.