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If your dates are even a few days out you are3 too early to see this. Another scan in a week or two will be more accurate. That is not true. It is very possible to not see anything. Only about 50% of women show more than the sac in their 5th week of pregnancy. I have heard many stories of women who saw nothing in the 5th week and then returned a week or even just a short 3 or 4 days later and the yolk and pole were present. Do not worry. Relax and wait for the next ultrasound.

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Q: Is your pregnancy viable when the ultrasound done in the fifth week does not show the formation of yolk and fetal pole?
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If there is no fetal pole at 8 weeks is pregnancy still viable?


Is it normal not to see the fetal pole at a six-week ultrasound?

i had an ultrasound when i was 6 weeks pregnant, but by ultrasound, the pregnancy measured to be 5 weeks, so no fetal pole was seen yet. i think the earliest fetal poles can be seen is about 6 1/2 - 7 weeks. hope this helps :)

What are all the signs of a misscarriage?

In early pregnancy-vaginal bleeding and cramping, like a period. Your doctor can do an ultrasound to check for fetal heart tones. Also, a blood test for HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) can be checked several days apart. If the pregnancy is still viable, it will be rising.

Is your pregnancy viable when the ultrasound done in the fifth week does not show fetal pole no cardiac activity but shows the yolk?

No its not viable I just went through that I was actually 7 weeks with that problem I was given the choice to either let the miscarriage happen or get the d&c.... so I went with the d&c

What is clinical pregnancy?

A clinical pregnancy is a pregnancy characterized by a situation when the fetal sac is seen in the uterus with an ultrasound examination four weeks after the IVF procedure has taken placed.

Can a baby be seen on ultrasound at 11 weeks without a heartbeat and be all right?

If the heartbeat is not visible at 11 weeks on an ultrasound, that would be cause for concern. The fetal heart begins beating approx. 22 days after implantation into the uterine lining. An ultrasound done at 6 weeks will confirm a viable pregnancy and you would be able to see the heart beating.

What week of pregnancy can a heart be seen?

week # 10==================== Using a Doppler ultrasound, the fetal heart can be detected at around the 6th - 7th week of pregnancy these days.

What is the purpose of ultrasound in pregnancy?

Physicians order an ultrasound scan to listen for a fetal heartbeat, determine a woman's precise due date and check for twins, among other uses.

If an ultrasound shows no heart beat at 7 weeks is this a non viable pregnancy?

I had a ultrasound scan at 7 weeks 3 days, and the pregnancy sac was visible, but my doctor could not find the fetal pole or heartbeat. He said there can be a significant amount of dvelopment from week 7 to 8, and I sm scheduled for another scan in a week's time. He said this wasn't necessarily bad news so I'll just have to wait.

What has the author John C Hobbins written?

John C. Hobbins has written: 'Obstetric Ultrasound' -- subject(s): Embryonic Development, Fetal Development, Fetal Diseases, Methods, Physiology, Pregnancy, Pregnancy Complications, Prenatal Ultrasonography, Ultrasonics in obstetrics, Ultrasonography

Is embryo can be seen on ultrasound in 4 week pregnancy?

No. At 4 weeks gestation all that is seen by ultrasound is the gestational sac (the sac the baby grows in) and a structure called a yolk sac (contributes to fetal nutrition early on). Fetal pole should be seen at 5 weeks, with or without a heart beat depending on the size of the fetal pole.

What is visible on an ultrasound at 6 weeks?

At 6 wks pregnant, on ultrasound, you can see the gestational sac ( the home of the baby). Unless you have an endovag ultrasound, then you can see a very small fetal pole and a small heart beat. It is very hard to see anything at that early of pregnancy.

What evaluation is used to diagnose fetal fifth disease?

Ultrasound is used to diagnose fetal fifth disease.

Which term means the spontaneous loss of a pregnancy 20 or more weeks after the pregnancy began?

I am a Labor & Delivery Nurse - We Call It A Fetal Demise. A Baby is not Viable until 23-24 weeks, but it is not just termed a miscarriage.

What does BPD mean on ultrasound?

Biparietal diameter (BPD) is the diameter across the developing baby's skull, from one parietal bone to the other. The measurement is useful in dating the pregnancy and estimating fetal weight after about 13 weeks of pregnancy.

At what point in pregnancy can one hear one's baby's heartbeat?

A baby's heartbeat can generally been seen on an ultrasound at about 7 weeks into the pregnancy. A fetal heartbeat can be heard through a stethoscope between 8 and 12 weeks.

What does it mean if you were told you had an invalid pregnancy after two ultrasounds but after a vaginal ultrasound they said there is a fetal pole?

A fetal pole is the first visible sign of a developing embryo. This pole structure actually isn't a nice straight "pole" ... it actually has some curve to it with the embryo’s head at one end and what looks like a tail at the other end. I am not sure what to tell you about what they are saying... but I do know that the fetal pole is usually best seen around 5 1/2 to 6 1/2 weeks. I hope the pregnancy is viable... I guess only time will tell that... I wish you nothing but the best...Greenidparalegal

When do you normally see the fetal pole on a vaginal ultrasound?

Around 7 weeks I saw the fetal pole at 5.4 weeks

What is another type of technology that is used during fetal monitoring?


What are the symptoms of a miscarriage during the first month of a pregnancy?

bleeding, sometimes pain and cramping. All bleeding cannot be considered an immediate miscarriage. An ultrasound and fetal hearttones need to confirm.

Can you feel a baby's heartbeat in early pregnancy?

No, with a Doppler stethoscope it can be heard at approx. 8-10 weeks in a thin woman.An ultrasound machine can see the fetal heart at 6-8 weeks depending on the qualiity of the machine. The fetal heart is way to small to feel early in the pregnancy, in fact, it cannot even be felt at full term.

What is an ultrasound used for?

There are several different specialties in the realm of diagnostic medical sonography, a.k.a. medical ultrasound.Abdominal ultrasound - views the organs of the abdomenVascular ultrasound - views blood vesselsObstetric ultrasound - views the fetus in the wombGynecological ultrasound - views the female reproductive organsNeurosonography - views the brain, including the fetal brain and transcranial ultrasoundEchocardiography - views the heart, including both the fetal and adult heart

Is your first ultrasound after in vitro fertilization vaginal?

It is called a transvaginal ultrasound. A new pregnancy typically cannot be visualized until the HCG levels reach between 4,000-5,000. This is when the gestational sac, fetal pole and yolk sac can be visualized. Cardiac activity is typically not seen on an ultrasound until 6 to 7 weeks gestation.

Has anyone seen their baby's hear beat at 5 weeks?

At 5 weeks there is not even a fetal pole visible by ultrasound. I am an Ultrasound tech and it is normal not to see a fetal pole/heartbeat at 5 weeks. At 5w6d to 6w3d you should begin to see a fetal pole first then a heartbeat.

Can an ultrasound determine when you got pregnant?

Yes. The obstetrician can use the images from the ultrasound screening to date a pregnancy. The size of the fetus, placenta, and/or your uterus are some of the factors used to determine how far along you are in your pregnancy. However, scans performed earlier on in the pregnancy are generally more accurate than those performed later, since in the later part of pregnancy the measurements could be affected by growth variations and may not correctly reflect the fetal age.