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Justin Bieber is not dating anybody at the moment


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if you ask me Justin bieber is cutter

Definitely Justin Bieber ♥ (:

Yeah Justin bieber is single :D

zack merrick is currently single <3 yay.

Zack is currently single, he and Eve are not dating in real life

No, he is currently single.

They are single as of right now.

Probably hes met loads of people

Nope. Justin Bieber is currently single.

Justin Bieber is currently single

One Time was his first single

Nobody, probably not even Justin Bieber himself, would know when he will become single again.

No... Justin Bieber Is currently single.

Yes he is and he is single.

No, Justin bieber is currently single at the moment

yes she is single she broke up with Justin bieber in 2009

justin maybe hot but not single... selena gomez

No, he is still single.

she is dating justin bieber

No Justin Bieber does not have a girlfriend. He is totally single.

No that is wrong she is NOT going out with Justin Bieber because Justin bieber is single someone posted that but that is wrong

U smile is going to be Justin bieber's new single. :)

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