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constant velocity means no acceleration. An object can be moving at constant speed, like a satellite in orbit, but its velocity is changing because direction is changing

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How many meters per second is the costant equal to the acceleration of gravity?

It is about 9.814 meters per second per second on Earth

What does costant mean in science?

constant means it is not vary or can't be changed

Can an object reverse its direction of travel while maintaining a costant acceleration?

I Don't Believe so, i think once direction of travel is reversed it contradicts the definition of acceleration. technically i suppose this could be true, If a body was moving due east with an acceleration of 2m/s^2 , and if it could stop literally instantly without deceleration and immediately set off again due west with an acceleration of 2m/s^2 technically it would hav maintained constant acceleration but i think there is a moment there as it changes direction where it can not be constant. tbh , thinking about it unless the change was absolutely instantaneous which I'm relatively sure is impossible, it would be necessary for there to be some flux in the acceleration. so in conclusion, NO

What is costant and control?

something in an experiment.

How many particles in 2 moles of hydrogen molecule?

The number of molecules in a mole of any element is a costant, Avogadro's constant. Avodadro's constant = 6.02214129×1023. 2 moles of any element will always contain twice Avogadro's constant or 1.204 428 258×1024 molecules.

If you travel at a constant speed and the distance you travel varies directly with your travel timeSuppose in 1.5 hours you can walk 5 miles What is the costant of variation and how did you find this?

You divide the number of miles traveled by the number of hours and the result - the constant of variation - is 3.66 (recurring) miles per hour.

Why are isocost lines straight lines?

because the prices are costant

How is the temperature of a gas related to its volume?

At hIgher temperatures, the volume will be greater. This is caused by thermal expansion. As you add heat to the gas, it expands usually at a costant rate. There fore, it's volume Increases. However, it's mass will always remain constant.

HOW does speed increase MASS?

Mass is costant and can not be altered. It represents quantity of matter in an object.

What is static variable and how it is declared?

static variables are declared to define a variable as a constant., means if you declare a variable as static the variable becomes costant.syntaxstatic int a=100;this will make the value of a as 100 which is not to be changedWell, no; you think of 'const', which can be used together with static, but not necessarily.Yes you are right bro I was confused it should be const int a=100; then the variable will be a constant.

Will the period of a vibrating swing increase decrease or remain constant by addition of more weight?

The time period of a vibrating swing will remain constant by addition of more weight because time period depends upon the length of the pivot or string to which the mass (bob) is attached. Period of the swing is independent of the mass of the bob.

How can you calculate the inertia constant for ac generator?

Calculating system inertia by mutiplying the Inertia Time Costant [Sgn] of every single generator to calculate the inertia of the generator and sum all inertias to calculate the whole system inertia Calculating system inertia from the RoCoF (post fault calculation)

How can you satisfy the company of you are selected for this job?

i assure you that with my costant dedication and hardword i would definetly prove to be an improve asset for your company

What is a disadvantage of the DVORAK keyboard?

unless you are perfect at using it, costant strain will be put on your hands while trying to find the right letters

How long does it take for a goat to grow full size?

For a goat to grow fully it takes between five and six years and they will need costant supply of milk

What action could be taken to improve your performances in your current position by you and your manager?

I think it ia combined effort by providing constructive feedback, costant dialogue, any kind of training if required

What are the medical problems associated with diabetes?

Since diabetis its the problem to mantainance costant of the sugar level in blood all organs in our body can be affected.Eyes, Heart, kidney and immunity problems are associated with diabetes.

What generates more power while swimming your arms or legs?

Both. They both have to work to be a good swimmer.Kicking is non-stop, it's what keeps you going when your arms are tired. Arms are costant just like kicking. Anyway, if you don't move your arms constantly you are disqualified. This information is from a true born swimmer. Thank you.

Difference between a proportional solenoid and a conventional on off solenoid?

1.) in conventional solenoid , the force is not costant...wheras in proportional .it is. 2.) proportional valve fills the gap between conventional and servo valves 3.) proportional valve can take infinite spool positions 4.)proportional valve cannot take high degree if valve performance

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