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Plumpers are specialized in the installation and maintenance of systems for drinking water, sewerage, and drainage of piping systems. Plumbing is not rocket science. To be a good Plumper, he must be able to visual-mechanical systems, Has good problem-solving skills, strong body, able to twist, and stay uncomfortable at the same time in the working position. Plumbing is a physically demanding job, you have to be healthy and strong.

Plumpers have to work in extreme conditions, such as in the ceiling space on a hot day.

Plumpers are exposed to unpleasant chemicals, asbestos, and raw sewage it's dirty and it can be dangerous.

Plumpers should also be good at problem-solving and have a lot of technical expertise.

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Very hard if one wants to be a master of the profession

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Q: Its hard to be a plumber?
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