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Can a 17 year old be charged for assault on a 16 year old if he started it in the state of Missouri?

Yes, they can be charged with assault. They may even be charged as an adult.

What trouble can a minor get in if he hits an adult And the minor is 17?

He will probably be charged as an adult and face trial for assault and battery.

At what age can someone be charged with assault?

Any individual whether they are a minor or adult can be charged with assault. The charge and any results that may come from it would depend upon the specific circumstances of the matter.

In a assault charge against an adult on a 17 year old girl concidered an assault on a minor?

By her age she IS a minor - if that specific charge is an enhanced penalty offense in your state (i.e.- it is a greater offense to assault a minor than it is to assault an adult) then the assaulter COULD be charged with that offense.

What is first offense assault charges on a minor in Missouri?

They would be charged with assault. There is no difference in the laws for juvenile or adult offenders - - only in how they are treated in court.

How long would you get with 2nd degree assault and im 17?

Most Second Degree Assault charges carry a mandatory sentence of five years with a maximum of eight years in prison. That's if the defendant is charged as an adult. And even though you are considered to be a juvenile in most states, you still may be charged as an adult. But the law is not arbitrary- the circumstances of the charge weigh greatly on the final ruling. Find an attourney; they will be able to advise you on your situation.

What happens if your 18 year old daughter assaults your 12 year old?

She could be charged with assault. As an adult, an assault against a minor is going to be pretty serious.

If 3 boys ages19-17 and 15 are arrested for assault and battery on an adult and the 19 year was the prime instegator and the 15 year old was not in the actual assault what could he be charged with?

At most he can be charged with is failing to report a crime or misdemeanor

What are the charges for threatening to assault a minor?

If an adult is threatening to assault a child, they may be charged with endangering the welfare of a child. Every situation is different and it would be up to the DA whether or not to press charges.

How long can a minor go to jail for second degree manslaughter?

It depends. If the minor is charged with an adult, the potential prison time is likely similar to that of an adult charged with the same crime. If the minor is charged in juvenile court, the max/min penalties are probably set by the state.

Can a 15 year old go to prison in Texas?

If the 15 year old's crime was serious enough for him to be charged and tried as an adult, yes.

Can an 18yr old take a 16yr old over state line?

No. You are an adult and she is a minor. You can be charged with multiple charges and end up in prison.

What happens if someone is being charged as an adult?

If someone is being charged as an adult, that person is going to court and will face trial in the same courtroom as would an adult prisoner. If that person is found guilty, he or she will receive the same sentence as an adult and would serve the same amount of time. The only difference would be that a younger person would not be assigned to an adult prison until the younger person became old enough.

Are mionors charged as adult in Sweden for murder?

If someone is 18 or older they are charged as adults. Someone that is younger then 18 can't be charged as adult.

In a criminal case are you charged as a minor at 19?

No. You are charged as an adult.

Can a 17 year old be tried as an adult for assault?

YES! depending on the circumstances the court can decide to try a 17 yaer old as an adult in an assault case

Your 17 year old son has been charged with assault and they want to try him as an adult and you cant afford an attorney?

In the US they are required to provide an attorney. It will be a public defender and paid for by the state.

At what age can a tennager be charged for stealing?

A teenage can be charged with stealing at any age! Can he be charged as an adult? Perhaps, especially if he is a repeat offender. Juveniles very rarely get charged as an adult for stealing. But the age of 18, still albeit a teenage year, is the magic age-- one in which he becomes an adult, and therefore is charged as an adult for any crime he commits.

Can a 21 year old girl get in trouble for sleeping with a 12 year old girl?

Sexual contact between anyone below the age of 18 (adulthood) and an adult is sexual assault. Such activity between an adult of any gender and any child below the age of sixteen of any gender is Sexual Assault of a minor and carries the potential sentence of life in prison.

Can a 16 yr old go to jail?

If he breaks the law, of course he can go to jail.Yes. And if an adolescent is charged as an adult they will go to prison.Depending upon the type of offense, a minor can absolutely go to jail in the United States. In fact, if a minor is accused of murder and is tried as an adult, they could go to prison or even be executed.

What is the Statute of limitations for simple assault in Utah for an adult?


Can a 17 year old be charged as an adult for criminal mischief in Iowa?

Can he or she be charged as an adult? yes. Will he or she be charged as an adult, that's something ONLY the judge can answer. Its up to the judge to decide that so hope that he is merciful. But its not likely on a charge like that. sense its not a felony i doubt he gets tried as an adult.

17 and your boyfriend is 22?

This is illegal. At 17 you are still a minor and your boyfriend is an adult at 22. He could be charged with rape and go to prison if sex is involved in your relationship.

Can juvenile manslaughter be charged as an adult?

Yes, it can.

Can a 17 year old be charged as an adult for shop lifting?

It depends on your state's law and the desires of the prosecutor. The state's law will define what age a person is a juvenile or an adult. If your state defines an adult at the age of 17 then you can be charged as an adult.