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Japan-what changes have the people made to their environment?

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they havent changed

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How have people adapted to there environment change in Florida?

What are the chAnges people made in orlando florida

Did the Incas make changes in the environment?

yes they have made a lot of changes .

What is a change early farmers made to their environment?

One of the changes made by early farmers to their environment was deforestation.

Do the incas make changes in the environment?

they made roads

Why are koalas made how they are to live in were they do?

Koalas have adapted to changes in their environment as people build close to them, their colonies are getting smaller and more isolated.

What man made changes to the environment potentially increase the impact of the disaster of a Tsunami?

Building a dam.

What is a word for structures that occur in environment and are not made by people?

Things not made by people are said to be "natural".

Who made the changes in japan?

Its the people of japan.they are extremely brilliant people......

A group's cultural landscape includes any changes made to it's environment True or False?


What is a typical workday like for a zoologist?

they examine animals to make sure that they are healthy and look at there environment to see if there are any changes that should be made in there diet or environment:)

What are natural structures?

- not made by people - occur naturally in the environment

What damage did the Krakatoa volcano cause to the environment?

It caused lots of people to die and made the environment bad.

Managers are made not bornDiscuss?

There are many people that believe that managers are made and not born. These people believe that managers are a product of their environment.

What are the positive effects of chemical changes in your environment?

More modern facilities and products are made through industrialization and scientific modernization.

How did the explosive eruption affect people and the environment?

because the ash in the air wich made holes in the enviroment and made people choke

What is the difference between organizational environment and work environment?

Organizational environment is made up of institutions or forces outside of the organization that can affect their performance. A work environment is any location people work.

What changes have been made since the accident in Chernobyl?

wow, really people

What are man made changes?

changes temperately brought about by man are man made changes

How did the changes that jefferson made reflect his views about government?

The changes that Jefferson made minimized the powers of the centralized government. These changes reflected his views that government if given too much power would threaten the rights of the people.

Is there a good website explaining how to change your own windshield?

How do you answer the reason for leaving your job? Management changes has made working very negative environment.

What social changes did Benito Mussolini bring?

He made some changes and then he made people believe in a far right wing way off looking at things with his Red March

What are the human impacts on the Sahara desert?

Humans have made many changes to their geographical situations to better suit their needs and wants. Most of these changes/adaptations have had a positive impact on the lives of humans, but were not necessarily good for the environment.

Why were the amendments made?

The amendments are changes of our constitution. SO if that soesn't answer your question then, they were made because people did not like how you had to stick to the constitution.

How does typhoons change s the environment?

the typhoons change the environment by destroying or eliminating it andwe people at fault why is there typhoon.Because of the abuse we have done to the things that God made.

What are three components of the environment?

natural environment,human environment,human made environment.

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