Je weiter meine stimme dringt je heller sie mir weider klingt vonunten?

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Je weiter meine Stimme dringt,
Je heller sie mir weider klingt
Von unten is a line from a piece of poetry by Wilhelm Müller (October 7, 1794 - September 30, 1827), titled Der Hirt auf dem Felsen (The Shepherd on the Rock).

It translates as

The farther that my voice resounds,
So much the brighter it rebounds
From under.

The lyrics were set to music by the composer Franz Schubert in 1828 during the last six months of his life.

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What does Je Mapelle mean?

It's "My name is" in French. Also, it's spelt: Je m'appelle (with an apostrophe and extra p)

How do you pronounce Sie links mir in German?

"Sie links mir" is a nonsensical phrase, "Sie links mir" is pronounced ' zee links meer'. . but "sie linkt mir" would mean "she's cheating me". or "Sie linken mir " would mean "You're cheating me". ======== The verb linken means to trick or fool (someone). The correct conjugatio ( Full Answer )

What is nying je?

Nying je (Wylie: snying rje ) is the Tibetan word for "compassion," and is used in Tibetan to translate the Sanskrit terms karu ṇ ā (compassion). In Tibetan, nying ( snying ) literally means "heart," "heart-mind," or "disposition;" and je ( rje ) is an adjective meaning "chief," "l ( Full Answer )

What does 'Je pense donc je suis' mean?

The sentence 'Je pense donc je suis' means I think therefore I am . In the word-by-word translation, the personal pronoun 'je' means 'I'. The verb 'pense' means '[I] am thinking, do think, think'. The conjunction 'donc' means 'therefore'. The verb 'suis' means '[I] am'.

Je pense alors je suis?

Cogito ergo sum. "Je pense donc je suis" is a famous quote of René Descartes.. It means "I think, therefore I am"

What does Je Le Manque and Je Le Aime mean?

Je le manque : I miss him Je Le Aime .. is actually Je L'aime and Je L'aime means that your telling someone you like someone else like , not a breakup but if your talking about your girlfriend or boyfriend is you said :Je L'aime it would be saying you like th

Ich geht mir gutund sie?

Es geht mir gut, und Ihnen? is the correct form. It means: I'm fine, how are you? It is usually given in response to the question Wie geht es Ihnen?

Zasto je donat gay?

Je ne vous comprends pas. Pouvez-vous s'il vous plaît parlez comme vous ne parlez pas avec un bébé zèbre n ta bouche?

How do you pronounce dank je?

Dutch is Very Hard to Pronounce I've heard. But I can Try to Explain it. D- Same in "Den" A- Well, its the clean British sort of A, like in "All" n- As normally Like "Net" k- as u Pronounce the C in "Cat" . In short, " dank " rhymes with Yank, as in " the cellar was dark and dank " ( Full Answer )

What does je l?

je is the pronoun "I" in French. The letter " l " followed by an apostrophe stands for " le " or " la " when the following verb begins with a vowel sound. "le" (masculine) or "la" (feminine) are replacements for a noun or pronoun. je l' aime : " l " stands for him or her (I love him / her ) j ( Full Answer )

Translate ich kann nicht war ten bis sie Weider zusehen?

The sentence ich kann nicht war ten bis sie Weider zusehen makes no sense. The closest German sentence would be ich kann nicht warten sie wiederzusehen which translates as I can't wait to see them again. A subtle difference emerges in German if the word sie (them) is capitalised: ( Full Answer )

What is the meaning of je voudra?

No such thing.. You mean "Je voudrai" which means I will want. Otherwise "Je voudrais" means I'd like or I'd want

What does je crois mean in French?

Je crois (from verb "croire") means "I believe / I think" in French. "Je ne crois pas" is the negative statement (I don't believe).

What is 'Je' when translated from French to English?

"I" is a literal English equivalent of the French word Je .* The pronunciation of the first person singular subject pronoun will be "zhuh" in French. *Other than at the beginning of a sentence, it is not capitalized in French.

What it mean je taimerai?

Je t'aimerai is the verb "aimer"(to love), future tense, first-person singular. It means "I will love you".

How do i respond to je t'embrasse?

"Je t'embrasse" = "Kisses", literally "I kiss you". Possible answers: "Moi aussi" (me too), "Itou" (me too, fam.), "Bisous" (kisses, fam.), "Mille (et un) baisers" (a thousand -and one- kisses), etc. Or, to surprise your penpal with your extended knowledge of French, "Je te fais un gros poutou" (I ( Full Answer )

When do you use je peux and when do you use je puis?

'Je peux' is the present form for I can, I am able to, I may. This is the simplest and most useful form. 'Je puis' isn't used any more; it is an outdated writing of Je peux. Nowadays you should use 'je peux' and avoid 'je puis'.

When do you use Je and On?

Je is the first person singular, used in the same way as 'I' in English. 'On' is unpersonal. When using 'on', conjugate the verb at the third person singular. It is used as 'one' in English: 'on dit que ...'> one says that ...

What does je vou mean in french?

Je vous [+ verb] is 'I [verb] you' in english. ex: je vous vois : I see you; je vous parle : I'm talking to you.

What does Vind je gek mean?

It means: Do you think that's crazy? It is a response to someone expressing some surprise to something..

What did mean by JE?

If you mean je in French, as in je joué or je fini, then it means I, as in I play or I finish. :0)

What does je suis allé mean?

Aller means 'to go (to)' in French. Je suis allé / je suis allée means 'I went ...' in English.

What does je suis espagnole?

Je suis espagnole means "I am Spanish" (as in, from Spain) in French. If you want to say I am mexican that would be Je suis mexicain(e) . I put the "e"in parentheses because you would only add that "e" if you are a girl.

What does je suis grande mean?

It means i am tall in french if you ever struggle again with things like this iwould reccomend you try google translate as it is very useful

What does je t'ai dit mean?

je t'ai dit means I have told you The t' is the way of saying tu without having two vowels next to each other

What is the definition of a jes extender?

A jes extender is an extendable arm that you can attach to your jes. It helps you reach long distances without toppling over. I can get the mail out of my mailbox without leaving the comforts of my front porch using my jes extender! It's great.

What does je quinze and mean?

Are you sure you don't mean "J'ai quinze ans"? Meaning I am 15 years old, or literally, I have 15 years.

What does je n'adore pas mean?

This would not be a complete sentence, but it means "I do not adore". "Je" is a subject pronoun meaning "I", and adore is the first person/third person conjugation of "adorer" meaning "to adore". "Ne pas" placed around a conjugated verb negates the verb, though in this case because "adore" begins w ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between je connais and je sais?

the difference between these two verbs is difficult to explain but usually connaitre is usually used for a proper noun, or when talking about knowing someone. Savoir is usually used when you know something.

What does je ne fais etudier?

Nothing meaningful in French. "ne" indicates the negative form of a verb, but the full form is "ne ... pas". "je ne fais" = "I am not doing" or "I am doing only" "étudier" means "to study". Maybe "je ne fais qu'étudier" ≈ "all I do is studying and studying".

Is Je t'aime or Je t'adore the romantic phrase?

It depends. To whom are you speaking and in what context? If you say "Je t'aime" / "Je t'adore" (I love you / I adore you) to a relative or good friend, it's not romantic at all. Example: If my best friend surprised me with concert tickets, I'd say: "Wow, you're the best! I adore you! Thanks so ( Full Answer )

What is more appropriate - je t'adore or je t'aime?

Je t'adore and je t'aime are both correct. Both are appropriate and in fact there is little difference. That difference isn't really in the strength of the feeling, but in the emphasis. Je t'adore seems more passionate, but also can be perceived (or not...) as an excessive or somewhat maudlin love d ( Full Answer )

What actors and actresses appeared in Besser als mein Haus je war - 1993?

The cast of Besser als mein Haus je war - 1993 includes: Isabel Allende as herself Bille August as himself Antonio Banderas as himself Glenn Close as herself Bernd Eichinger as himself Jeremy Irons as himself Vanessa Redgrave as herself Winona Ryder as herself Meryl Streep as herself