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You must press 5 second on your remote desalarm

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Q: Jeep Grand Cherokee 2003 Red dash alarm light will come on but alarm wont go off incl the sensor How do you reset the alarm?
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How do you reset the temp sensor code on the jeep grand Cherokee?

Fix the problem and the light will reset itself after a certain number of drive cycles.

What does it mean when a ABS light is on in your 2001 grand Cherokee?

it means somthing is wrong with your abs system more then likely a wheel speed sensor

How do you install passenger tail light kit for a 2004 Grand Cherokee Laredo?

How do you install passenger tail light kit for a 2004 grand cherokee?

How do motion detector alarm systems operate?

Motion detector alarm systems operate by using light sources. A beam of light is aimed at the light sensor and anyone who passes causes the sensor to register.

Does a Jeep Grand Cherokee have a brake light switch?


How do you tell if your 1996 Grand Cherokee has a factory installed security system?

When you turn the key off and lock the doors, there will be a red light on the top of the dash that flashes while the alarm arms.

What is the 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee yellow warning light?

That is the check engine light.

On a 97 Jeep Grand Cherokee how do you disalarm using a key?

Put the key in the drivers door lock and turn it to unlock - it will turn alarm off while sounding OR will turn alarm off as well as unlock door - just watch the red alarm light flashing it will go out.

Why would the dashtop alarm light on a 2001 Grand Cherokee stay lit at all instead of flashing when locked?

try opening your door than hitting the alarm two or three times. sometimes when your light stay lit it means that your alarm is working it's just on silent mode meaning when you arm it your horn want beep

You have 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo brake and abs light is on how can you fix it?

How to change the brake switch on a 2004 Jeep grand Cherokee Laredo

Why my Jeep Grand Cherokee won't start?

If 4.0 it might be the crank position sensor located at the rear of the engine also and first check all the fuses with a test light

What is the light under the dash on your Jeep Grand Cherokee?

I would assume to light up the footwell.

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