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== == What Jobs Can Youth Do?

When You Turn 14 . . .

You also can work in an:

* office, * grocery store, * retail store, * restaurant, * movie theater, * Baseball park, * amusement park, or * gasoline service station.

You generally may not work in:

* communications or public utilities jobs, * construction or repair jobs, * driving a motor vehicle or helping a driver, * manufacturing and mining occupations, * power-driven machinery or hoisting apparatus other than typical office machines, * processing occupations, * public messenger jobs, * transporting of persons or property, * workrooms where products are manufactured, mined or processed, or * warehousing and storage.

In addition, you may not work any other job or occupation declared hazardous by the Secretary of Labor.

When You Turn 16 . . .

You can work in any job or occupation that has not been declared hazardous by the Secretary of Labor.

Hazardous Occupations

You generally may not work in any of the following hazardous occupations:

* manufacturing and storing of explosives, * driving a motor vehicle and being an outside helper on a motor vehicle; * coal mining, * logging and sawmilling, * power-driven woodworking machines, * exposure to radioactive substances, * power-driven hoisting apparatus, * power-driven metal-forming, punching, and shearing machines, * mining, other than coal mining, * meat packing or processing (including the use of power-driven meat slicing machines), * power-driven bakery machines, * power-driven paper-product machines, * manufacturing brick, tile, and related products, * power-driven circular saws, band saws, and guillotine shears, * wrecking, demolition, and shipbreaking operations, * roofing operations and all work on or about a roof, or * excavation operations.

There are some exemptions for apprentice/student-learner programs in some of these hazardous occupations.

When You Turn 18 . . .

You can work any job for any number of hours. The child labor rules no longer apply to you.

Different rules apply to farms, and individualStates may have stricter rules. From other contributors:

* 14-year old can easily sell eBay items, create websites, get lawn mowing accounts then pan them out to his/her friends, same with babysitting, central call in phone number and then have another flyer for those other 14-year olds that want jobs. WORK-IT!!!

== == * go down to the local shop and ask for a paper round there you have a job !!! * Or you can shovel sidewalks for cash in the winter

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Q: Job for 14 yr old not in fast food industry?
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A part time job for a 15 year old?

fast food

Where can a 15 year old get a job in ogden Utah?

fast food restaurants

Where can a 17 year old find a job in Chattanooga TN?

Fast food

Where can a 13 year old boy get a job in York Pennsylvania?

were you can get a job at is Wendy's or another fast food but when you get 18 you can get a real job.

Where can a 16 year old get a good job?

A 16 year old can get a good job at various companies including retail stores. They can also get a job at fast food restaurants.

Where can a 16 year old kid find a job in Louisiana?

There are a number of places a 16 year old can find a job in Louisiana. This teenager can find a job at a fast food restaurant for example.

Where can a 13 year old get a job in Reno Nevada?

In Reno, Nevada a 13 year old can get a job in the fast food field. McDonalds or Wendy's make a good part time job.

How old must you be to work at a fast food restaurant?

well probably 16 because you have to be 16 to have a job

Can a 14-year-old get a job at a fast food restaurant?

at chick fa lay If you have a workers permit

Where can a 16-year-old in Chicago get a job?

At Burger King, McDonalds, Fast Food resturants, and ect...

Can you help me find a job for 15 old teens?

Fast food restaurants are a great place for a 15 year old to get job experience. Grocery stores are also an excellent choice.

Where can a 16 year old get a job in hull?

A 16 year old who lives in Hull may be able to get a job in a grocery store. Fast food restaurants may also be a possibility.

How can a 14 year old get a job while she's in school?

ask around at fast food restaurants in your area

45 year old female looking for inexperienced job?

Flip some burgers at a fast food joint.

Where can a 16 year old find a job in California?

Pretty much your only choices right now: food (fast food, restaurant) or cashier.

How can a 14-year-old get a job waitressing?

I work at East Side Marios and there will never be a job for a 14 year old in a restaurant like this. however, you can always try fast food restaurants.

Where can a fifteen year old boy find a fast food job?

Since you are just 15, it might be tough for you to get a permanent job. I would suggest you to go for part time job.

Where can a 14 year old get a job in Chattanooga Tennessee?

you can try fast food places, but most likely they will hire a 15 or 16 yr old

Can an 11 year old get a job at a fast food restraunt if so where?

No. Labor laws in most countries would prevent that.

Where can a sixteen year old female in Reno Nevada find a weekend job?

Grocery store or fast food restaurant.

Where can a 16 year old get a job in Lincoln Nebraska?

Well perkins, Mc Donalds, gallup, any fast food

What type of job can a teen parents can have?

Usually fast food places. It depends on how old you are. It doesn't make a difference if you are a parent or not.

Where can a 18 old find a job in Wilkinson county Georgia?

Anywhere there are business places, such as: Fast food restaurant, Food market bag boy, ect.

Where can a 16-year-old find a part-time job in Birmingham UK?

A 16 year old can get a part time job in a grocery store. They can also work at fast food restaurants after school.

Where can a 17-year-old girl find a job after school?

There are several places that a 17 year old girl can find a job after school. There are fast food restaurants, grocery stores, and even babysitting.

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