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The pope made a very moving speech, which inspired many people including the peasants and encouraged them to fight if they were religious, saying that all they're sins would be atoned for.

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Q: Joining a Crusade was so attractive to peasants?
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Why was joining a crusade so attractive to peasants?

because thay had a hard life and saw it as an opportunity.

Why was joining a crusade so popular among peasants?

Peasants wanted to join crusades because it gave them legitimacy and representation. Otherwise, they were too poor and meaningless to have representation on their own.

What do you think was the most important effect of the crusades on the entire civilized world?

In short, Pope Urban II wanted to capture the Holy Land from the Turkish Muslims, and he preached vigourously on it, even going so far as to say joining in the crusades would ensure salvation. Soon many peasants had begun their own unofficial crusade, known as the "Peasants Crusade". The emotionaly unstable mob was slaughtered by the Turkish Muslims very easily. The official crusade is called the "First Crusade" [1096-1099] and it had great European nobles at the front. This crusade captured Asia Minor for the emperor Alexius Comenus, recaptured Jerusalem, and also a strip of land on the Eastern Coast of the Mediterrainean Sea. The "Second Crusade"s [1147-1149] goal was to attack Damascus (which actually was friendly to the Crusaders), but it failed miserably. In 1187, Muslims again took control over Jerusalem, leading to the "Third Crusade" [1189-1192] also known as the "Crusade of Kings". This crusade accomplished very little. The "Fourth Crusade" [1202-1204] didn't even reach the Holy Land, but attacked Constantinople. The "Children's Crusade" [1212] was utterly ridiculous in that the entire group consisted of children that marched toward the Mediterranean, hoping that God would divide the waters for them, instead, were tricked by slave traders, and sold to North African Muslims. The other crusades after this also accomplished nothing. In all, most of the crusades were irrational and unreasonable. What they DID do was open up trade with europe and the orient some years later.

What did peasants have fun with?

Other peasants, which is why there were so many of them.

Why was the first crusade so successful?

The first crusade was so successful, because the muslim defenders were so un unified.

What were the reasons the peasants fight in the crusades?

Religion, probably was the biggest reason of all, because during the first crusade the Holy War was started. The Holy War was between the Muslims and the Christians. The purpose of the Holy War was to regain the practice of the Christian in Jerusalem where the Muslims had taken over. So peasants probably join in the fight to protect their faith.

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A score is twenty people. So a whole bunch of peasants.

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Were everyone peasants, there would be no peasants.

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