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yeah, but they suck.

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Are Jonas Brothers really brothers?

Yes they are really brothers.

All the Jonas Brothers family?

Yes. The Jonas Brothers are REALLY brothers.

Are the Jonas Brothers really real brother?

Yes, the Jonas Brothers are brothers.

How do you date all of the Jonas Brothers?

There really is no way to date all of the Jonas Brothers.

Can the Jonas Brothers really sing?

Yes, the Jonas Brothers can really sing. They are not lip synching or editing their voices. It is really the boys who are singing.

Who is the Jonas Brothers biggest fan?

Frank Jonas, Denise Jonas, And Paul Kevin Jonas Sr. are the Jonas Brothers biggest fan. But honestly, who really even cares about the Jonas brothers anyways?

How many easrs has the Jonas Brothers been together?

the Jonas brothers really are brothers but they have been singing together for 6 years

Jonas brothers rocks?

is that really a question?

Is the Jonas brothers demi lovato's brothers?

No, but they are really close friends.

What is the Jonas Brothers number or ym?

the Jonas brothers number is 818 748 8887it's true!!! really

Can you add the Jonas Brothers as a friend and if you can't why not?

no you cant becauce it is not really the Jonas brothers it is just people pretenting to be them

How many brothers does Nick Jonas really have?

(3) joe Jonas, Kevin Jonas, and Frankie

How many brothers does Joe Jonas really have?

(3) nick Jonas,Kevin Jonas, and Frankie

How many brothers does Kevin Jonas really have?

(3) nick Jonas,joe Jonas,and Frankie

Why Are the Jonas Brothers really brothers?

They are really brothers because their mom had four kids, and they just happen to be famous now.

Is Denise Jonas famous?

Not really. People know her for being the Jonas Brothers' mother, but only die-hard fans of the Jonas Brothers know who she is.

Why did the Jonas Brothers band change their band's name from Connect 3 to the Jonas Brothers?

The Jonas Brothers band was called Connect 3 only for the movie 'Camp Rock'. The Jonas Brothers never really had the name Connect 3 - just in the movie. They did change their name from Sons of Jonas to Jonas 3 then finally to Jonas Brothers, though. == ==

Do the Jonas Brothers like bangs or not?

All of the Jonas Brothers don't really care what you look like. They care about your personality.

Jonas brothers you are what you are?

The Jonas Brothers are a teenage boy band that sings mostly pop and soul music!!!!! They are REALLY cute!!!!!

Did Demi Lovato go out with all the Jonas Brothers?

no she diddnt go out with any of the Jonas brothers. but she may have been seen with joe Jonas before. but no, demi did not go out with the Jonas brothers. there just really good friends

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