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Just purchased a 2000 Tiburon with no manual is there a trick to get the seatbelts to work?


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September 13, 2011 11:06AM

You really haven't explaned the problem, but if it has to do with the belt not pulling out well! at the end of the belt system there is a locking mechanism that work on a ball bearing system. When the car abruptly stop going forward, the bearing move forward to lock the belt in place so your body doesn't move forward ( Lock you in place) an added security with an air bag. You may have to go in and see if these baering aren't stuck in place, sometimes rust who knows . I hope it helps

Seatbelts are designed with a locking ability, if you pull too fast or too hard the seat belt locks, if stuck while partially pulled you have to let the seatbelt retract and try to pull it out again, it wont loosen until it has been fully retracted.