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Hi, When the radio says "HOLD" is when the code have been entered wrong too many times and the EPROM has loked. This is part of the anti-theft mechanism. I called the dealer and was told to leave the radio on displaying the "HOLD" for over 1/2 hour and see if it ask for the code. If not it needs to return to the dealer. Hope this helpd. O. Wagner ================================== As a theft deterrent, anytime the radio looses power (i.e. the battery is disconnected), it requires a 4-digit code to reactivate it. If the code is entered wrong 3 times, the word "HOLD" will appear on the screen. To fix it, wait one hour with the battery connected, the radio turned on, and the ignition key in the ACC position. When the word "CODE" reappears, enter the correct 4-digit security code using the radio preset buttons; From pages 9 and 10 of the "Audio Owner's Manual": For the first digit, press preset 1 a sufficient number of times for the correct number to appear. For the second digit, press preset 2 a sufficient number of times. For digit 3, press preset 3, for digit 4, press preset 4. If the correct code is not displayed, repeat the steps until it is. When the correct code is displayed, press the SEL button once. If the system is still locked, repeat these steps. I had debated including the default security code here, but seeing as the stock radio is not even worth the effort to steal it, it is "1111"

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Q: Kia Spectra radio says HOLD anyone know why?
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