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Kia sportage will not start hold light flashing what is wrong?

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βˆ™ 2010-04-27 01:30:25

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Disconnect the battery for about 5 min and then try it. Should work after that.

The hold flashing light means the transmission is locked in a perticular gear, so to disengage it press the button just below the shifter knob on the left side of the shifter.

If this does not work disconnecting battery will NOT solve your problem .you will have to purchase a transmission computer box located under drivers side of dashboard.Take the one with you to the junk yard to match it up by the #s on the box. Should run about $ 100.00,at Kia $950.00.

2010-04-27 01:30:25
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What does the d flashing light mean?

Somthing wrong with transmission.

Why is my engine light flashing?

engine light flashing means there is a code set in the vehicles computer. some lights will flash in certain sequences to tell you what is wrong. another way to tell whats wrong i to take your vehicle to the shop have the diagnostic machine plugged in and it will tell you what the light means.

What does one flashing red light on a 360 mean?

There is something wrong with it. probally over heated.

What is wrong with the engine when the engine light on the dash board keeps flashing?

might be a misfire in a cylinder...

What is flashing drive light on Honda?

It is flashing to let you know a trouble code for the transmission is stored in the computer. You have to take it to a shop to have the code read to find out what is wrong.

What is wrong if your check engine lihgt starts flashing on your 97 Mazda proteze?

If your check engine light is flashing an engine cylinder misfire has been detected

Is it safe to drive WHEN DRIVE light is flashing?

The flashing light is warning you that something is going wrong inside your engine, or steering system, or brakes, or anything else. It can not be safe to drive with any signal light flashing (except, obviously, left and right). You have to bring in your car for a check up as soon as possible.

What is likely to be wrong with a 98 Polo when the temperature warning light is flashing?

make sure you have water in your radiator

How do i stop yellow airbag light from staying on and how do i stop red airbag light continuosly flashing?

When these light stay on its an indication that something is wrong and needs to be serviced.

What is broken if the air conditioning light is flashing?

There could be many things wrong when the air conditioning light is flashing. It could mean the AC is going out,the fuse is blown, the fan is broken,etc. Use an OBD scanner to get the code.Ê

Why would the check engine light flash all of a sudden?

If a check engine light is on but not flashing, you can take your time to make your way to the dealer or mechanic. If it is flashing, though, it means something is severely wrong and should be towed on the spot.

What will cause the check engine light to flash on a 1997 suburban?

The control module is trying to tell you something is wrong. If the light is steadily flashing you need to drive it to a dealer pronto. They will read any codes and hopefully be able to tell you what's wrong. A steady light is just a warning that something needs fixed but not right away. A flashing light needs fixed now.

What is wrong when 2000 Chevy cavalier to turn on then dies?

If the theft system light is flashing...try to start car,when it starts and then dies,leave the key on for about 10 mins. until it stops flashing.Turn key off,Now start the car as usual.

What could be wrong if when your indicator is on and the brakes are applied the fog light starts flashing?

Bad ground, usually at the rear lights.

1993 Ford Probe has the OD light flashing and a thump when it shifts between gears What is wrong with it?

pulse generator is bad

What causes an engine light to come on and then keep on flashing?

that usually means something is seriously wrong....i would take it to the shop

What does a flashing yellow traffic signal mean?

means nothing Wrong! It means caution. Something requires extra attention. At an intersection, a flashing circular yellow means to take extra caution, and watch for traffic on the cross road (which has a flashing red light). A flashing red light is the same as a stop sign. A flashing yellow arrow means you ma turn in the direction of the arrow, but you must yield to conflicting traffic. If the flashing yellow light is not at an intersection, it either calls attention to a road hazard on an accompanying sign, or indicates that a special regulation indicated on the sign is in effect (School speed limit 20 when flashing).

1999 Crown Vic Flashing OverDrive light after engine miss?

Flashing overdrive light, or one that goes out and won't come back on means you need to have your transmission checked. I believe in a 99 they have a computer hook up they can use to see if they can figure out what is wrong with the transmission.

What is wrong with the Flashing airbag light on 2002 Toyota tacoma?

There is something wrong with the SRS. This system can be very dangerous to work on. For that reason I recommend you take it to a professional for repair. Not a DIY repair

Can you have a flashing iPod touch?

No you cant but if yours is flashing then something is probebly wrong w/ it Hope this helps;)

What does it mean if my airbag light blinks five times pauses then blinks once more?

Your air bag light is flashing a code at you that means something is wrong with your air bag system

How do I stop an Airbag light on 1998 pathfinder from flashing constantly on the dashboard?

By having it repaired by a qualified technician. It is flashing because something is wrong with the SRS. Do not ignore this and do not attempt to repair yourself. Serious injury can occur when working with the SRS.

What is wrong with a television that turns on to a black screen with the stand by light flashing?

That sounds like the self diagnostics has found something wrong. If it's a LCD or DLP projection set, check to see if the lamp light is lit. If it is, time for another lamp. If not, it's an indication of something electronically wrong.

My 2001 Kia Sportage suddenly died going down the road at 70mph and now it won't start What could be wrong?

First guess... bad fuel pump.

My 2002 Polaris Genesis has a problem It displays reverse on the display monitor and there is very little power going to the motor Reverse does not work and there is a light flashing Whats wrong?

I have a 2002 Genesis I and I have to hit the reverse button a couple times to get it into gear. If the light is flashing it is on in reverse that is why you don't have power i n reverse