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The LEGO Mars Mission game was an online game that was available through the LEGO website for a short time. As of 2014 this game is no longer available online.

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Q: LEGO Mars Mission game
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What does the black rectangle on Lego mars mission do?

it turns the game off

Lego mars mission game cheats for triple fire?

The code is awesome.

Lego mars mssion game cheats codes?

It is 2010! Lego Mars Mission is gne so dont waste ur time trying to find it.

I accidentally deleted my levels on the Lego Mars Mission game. Can I restore to the previous level?

Its imposible

Are there any Lego mars mission game cheats to increase your forces?

a good one is "moneypenny", a combinations of all the cheats except "fullscreen"

What website is the mars mission game?

The game is on WWW.LEGO.COM.

How do you find Lego Mars Mission game codes in the game?

The odd-looking glowing green markings in each level's preview video. The green markings are written in the alien language.

Why are some of the secret alien codes invalid?

Do you mean the alien codes you put in on LEGO MARS MISSION game? If yes, then no, the codes aren't invalid. By Jontypin

Crystal alien conflict?

The correct spelling for the game is CrystAlein Conflict. The game was made for the Lego site and is played online. It is a Mars Mission strategy game where players get to choose to command the astronaut or alien forces.

You need the lego mars mission game special ops access codes for the aliens?

The code for alien special operation levels are: 11 12 and 13 for the aliens.

Does the old Lego game star wars ultimate lightsaber duel exist?

yes in the game ithink you have to unlock it by doing a certain mission

What are the access codes for the mars mission game?

i dont want to tell you but alot of them start with 't' what are they?

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