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Well, no not technically. To have an eating disorder you have to either eat way more than you have to, or way less than you have to. You are just simply worried about your weight or your figure, and I say that if you really want to loose some weight do it the healthy way!

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What is the difference between anxious and worried?

Anxious is when a person start to fear something and is a disorder. Worried is when you have something on your mind and cant keep it off.

Is bulimia good?

Bulimia is an eating disorder that causes you to eat when tired,sad,angry,hungry,lonely,upset,bored,and worried. Most Bulimia Survivors are overweight. So Bulmia is good if you don't get tired, sad, angry, hungry, lonely, upset, bored, or worried. But usually it's bad. I have Bulimia. I eat when im bored and I'm thin.

If you are 14 years old and 118 lbs is there something to be worried about and are you overweight?

absoulutly not actually depends how tall u are

Why was Germany worried in 1900 in ww1?

firstly the first world war started in 1914 an secondly they were worried of being attacked

If you havent started your period when you are 13 should you be worried?

well no you shouldn't be worried everyone is different but if you have not started by 16 and no later then you need to consult a doctor and don't stress about your period trust me its no fun

How much does an 12 year old girl weigh?

it can average. if you are taller you will obviously weigh more than a smaller person. but at the age of 12 you really shouldn't be worried about your weigh. if you are worried about being overweight or something ask your doctor.

Is 105 pounds overweight for a five foot 2 10 year old girl?

No, it is definitely not overweight. At your age you need to be worried about playing outside, having fun with friends and enjoying life. Do not worry about your weight; eat your veggies and be happy.

Why do they get insomnia?

People get insomnia becuase they are so exicted or worried about something they can't sleep. It can aslo be caused by a sleep disorder.

What is the difference between axienty and axiety disorder?

I think the difference between the two is that anxietywere you get worried about things, while anxiety disorder is when it is were you can't control you anxiety and you worry about everything. That is just what I inffer. Hope it helped!

Should I be worried that a rat has started chewing into my rabbit cage?

Yes! very!

How medieval started?

invaders from outside. no one worried till it was too late.

I started exercising about two weeks ago. i have never exercise before. I'm supposed to get my periods about two to three days ago an i have not. Does exercise delay your periods?

sometimes. if you dont get your period soon or are worried that something may be wrong, go see a doctor

Dilemma I'm split between two different me's?

Personality Disorder - Try and remain calm. If you are worried about this, go to a doctor.

Is 111 overweight for a 14 year old girl?

Don't worry about your weight. You're 14. You're definitely far from being overweight sweet heart. Don't worry about it. I worried about it until I made my self very sick. Just be happy that you're healthy!

Should i be worried that i have started to have periods every two weeks?

yes, you should visit a doctor

If you weigh 83 pounds and you are 10 years old are you overweight?

yes that is very healthy and i might be worried if a ten year old was anything less than 75 pounds.

Does someone that works out constantly skips meals on purpose is always weighing themselves and worried about being fat have an eating disorder?

Type your question here...

I think I have depersonalization depression and maybe bipolar?

If you are worried that you are suffering from depersonalization depression and bipolar disorder, you will need to see a doctor. A doctor can offer treatment.

What support is available for anxiety disorders?

Yes! If you are worried about having an anxiety disorder, see a psychologist. They can do an evaluation and giv an accurate diagnosis. If u hav an anxiety disorder, they can hellp u manage your anxiety through therapy and/or through medication.

You are 13 your penis has not started to grow yet should you be worried?

Only your doctor can determine if your development is on track.

What weighs 10 tons?

Many things can weigh in at ten tons. For example, my cat actually weighs a little over ten tons. If you are worried your pet is overweight, call your veterinarian.

What are the symptoms of dysthymic disorder?

Symptoms of dysthymic disorder in adults include, loss of interest in daily activities, sadness, hopelessness, lack of energy, low self-esteem, concentration issues, irritability, lack of activity, social withdrawal, worried over the past, lack of or greater than normal appetite and sleep problems. In children dysthymic disorder can be presented as attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder.

What size panties should a twelve year old girl wear?

Whatever fits best. If you're worried about obesity or eating disorder, get a doctor's opinion.

If you are 15 and havent started your period yet would you be worried you are 5'1'' and weigh 43kg help?

nevermind, I started like 3 hours after asking this xD

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