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Learned behavior depends on the environment that an individual is in. These learned behaviors are learned by observing people in the environment.

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Q: Learned behavior depends upon what?
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Learned behavior depends upon?

AnswerLearned behavior depends on the environment of the individual.

Learned behavior depends on?

Lear ned behavior is depends on their parents that they know how to teach u.

What type of behavior is the dog exhibiting when it goes to the bowl upon hearing a bell?

learned behavior Pavlovian response

What is an learned behavior?

a learned behavior is a skill you learned from something

Is kissing an instinct or a learned behavior?

Learned behavior

Is cooking learned or inherited behavior?

learned behavior

Explain the difference between innate and learned behavior?

Innate behavior is instinctual in nature and is acted upon without thought or consideration. On the other hand, learned behavior is taught to people by social mores, parents, teachers, and others who have effects on behavior

How is learned behavior different from the innate behavior?

Innate behavior is known from birth, for example breathing or blinking for humans. We do not need to be taught this behavior. However, learned behaviors are taught and would not otherwise be built upon/perfected alone, like formulating sentences.

Is taste a learned behavior?

Depends on the taste and what you mean. we are hardwired from birth to HAVE taste. Which tastes you LIKE are mostly learned though.

What is a chameleon learned behavior?

A learned behavior is blending in with it's surroundings.

Is building a web a learned behavior or an instinct?

depends. if you are a spider its an instinct. if you are a human its impossible

Is courtship behavior a learned behavior?

No, it is an instinctive behavior.

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