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Lefever Arms 1892 12 gauge SxS shotgun?


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2005-04-27 15:41:46
2005-04-27 15:41:46

What kind of info do you need? please email me at and I will try to help thanks Rick


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Not enough information. What grade? What condition?

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Depends on if it is sidelock or boxlock. Generally, 1916-1948.

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The lefever Nitro special was made by Ithaca Arms from 1921-1948.That being said i believe that yours was made in 1927.I do know that you can contact Ithaca arms and they will date your shotgun for you.

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Your shotgun was manufactured in 1923, by Ithica Guns which took over the Lefever brand when they acquired the corporation in 1916.

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